the Oscars.. ugh

Sunday February 22, 2009
The Oscars were painful for me to watch.I am glad the Joker won, his character was amazing ..I could almost go to the dark side and be a henchman.I love the way his crazy made sense.I watched it in HDTV and ALL the woman had massive hips and I saw a surprisingly amount of very bad hair.I guess the beautiful people are all an illusion.Note , always stand with your legs together!! esp when on tv and the entire world can see you !!!

Rigging was a killer workout! In the ceiling walking on beams with my headlamp.It was a giant second position squat to get from beam to beam. Dusty and dirty with lots of cobwebs. I couldn't take pictures because my hands were busy pulling my ropse or hanging on to beams.

Super cold this a.m., in and out of my trailer.

10 more weeks of building fun! and then a little rest and it is heaven in the tent.