Red Tart Cherry Juice

Monday February 16, 2009
My great friend Meg Emery is a real aerialist.She stopped performing because she felt like it.She performed amazing strong, dynamic, beautiful,,hard tricks.She is one of my most creative friends.She drinks this cherry stuff,it is supposed to be really good for you and it tastes amazingly tasty.A winner.We always have big times when we hang! Especially when Sean and Marshall join the fray
Today the building is a good height.The ladder-o-death is at full mast.I was a little stressed setting up,I will admit.
After setup the girls and I went a fabric hunting!! success!! I netted a dark maroon duck cloth for my new trapeze cover.It'll do pig, it'll do.
Someone referred to the guy that bangs the drums and the computer operator on a show as "the band".Is there no decency in the circus world today?
It is bad enough there are pedestrians posing as aerialists.An aerialist is one who dances in the air.
To call a computer button pusher a musician, that is like calling me an astrounaut