Death of a trapeze

Friday February 13, 2009
Dearest Diary,
You know what I like about you ? Unconditional acceptance.
Today I was at the laundry and I saw an ad for "dancers?".
My trapeze felt like the ropes were breaking yesterday so I opened up the fabric cover and lo and behold,the rope fibers had had enough.Maybe I need to cut back on the food.
I am sad.I really loved that trapeze,the fabric was the most perfect stuff ever.I have made 4 trapezes in the last year and none were so fine.Today I am using my short building trapeze with extensions.Tomorrow ..field trip,fabric hunting one of my favorite sports.
We are at a YMCA today and there is a sauna! I hope I can get them to leave it on after the show!!
part 2
I did comedy in the show tonight ! I got stuck doing a little 1 and 1/2 !! so I did the usual banter with the audience,my foot came out doing the split revolve thing and I did some flesh melting doing my last drop..I am so f-ing pathetic~~Trapeze was ok on my jury rigged thing..
Dinner was jelly beans,yummy no wine tonight cuz I did a sauna yay yay yay..I feel fabtabulous