Thursday February 26, 2009
Take a ladder, lean it against a wall, push the ceiling metal out of the way, pull yourself up on the beam, squatting in a wide second position totally turned out and sort of wrapped around the truss maneuver 30 feet, drop pull up rope , instruct Jimbo the prop boss what to hook up, while sitting on ouchy beam in a hunchy squatty position pull up rigging ,secure rigging to beam, pull up camera just for fun take a pix or two, maneuver back to ladder, lower down to ladder, climb down ladder , brag about accomplishments!!unhook truck from trailer, get in truck , drive to bank, put in money, I spy a home depot..stop/shop, I spy a Burlington coat factory,,stop/shop..Delilah and I helped each other shop.What are friends for ??? I spy a Starbucks.. quad espresso with steamed 1/2 & 1/2..oh yeah baby..,back to lot, hook up truck, get some water, model one of my new coats..
The work of an aerialist is never done.