not you underwear!

My Dear Diary,
Today was action packed ! It was not quite so freezing cold, but cold enough that I realized I need more long undies.I really also needed a new lined pair of working man gloves.And some kosher salt and a heating pad and an electric blankets and some furry slippers. On the way to the town I stopped at Meijer's for a little early morning shopping therapy. So into the store I go. The only gloves I can find are men's large, but they are so warm I decide I can take in the fingers or just sew the tops, kind of take them in. Sometimes I crack myself up ,maybe I can wear two pairs of gloves under them, hmm food for thought.
So they are out of long johns, groan but they have these cute cotton capri looking things called cuddles. I figure they will work !! WRONG when I took them out of the package I said oh great! they are like hot pants but the top part comes up to my chest.Maybe I am wearing them wrong , maybe the crotch is just supposed to be really low.Not a very successful shop.

Dallas and I are both having fat days! So I decide I have to start skipping rope a lot !! I make a huge workout list of tasks I have to do before each act. I think my body is freaking out a) not sweating and b) being so cold I am storing fat to stay warm.
We have a 2 day stand coming up!Near Chicago! YAY .I will hunt down a Bikram studio and sweat and stretch!

Today the building was warm and I worked like a champ, I am over my neurosis and fears. I am confident once again.