Wednesday February 25, 2009
I used to think tattoos were for other people until I started seeing them.I found this magazine and read about Japanese tattoos,irezumi.They have this amazing art on a lot of their skin.In Japan they have a lot of festivals for many things and they always pay homage to their different gods.During the Sanja festivals it is cool to display your body art.The rest of the year it is kept covered.
So I have been imagining what kind of tattoo I would get. it is just a fantasy.
Today at this fabulous hair salon where Catia and I had our hair done( I think it is called Salon Blue and everything was blue inside)One of the hair artist had this beautiful work on her arm and she was kind enough to pose for me.This was one of my favorite Aveda hair experiences ever !! First I got my neck massaged, then my hands massaged and then my hair made fab fab fabulousish.
After the hair hair extravaganza I decided I needed a snowmobile suit to stay warm.It would be perfect to slip on over my costume and run to the building! So we went to a big sporty store called "Bass".No suits but some great warm things to buy and wear and I got the cutest pair of waterproof,warm , flexible and darling boots ever made !!!And some very cool super thin undergarments that keep you warm ..
We got back to the lot, I setup on the green extension ladder, blue up some balloons, hooked up my truck,did two shows, tore down..sigh another day..
thinking about my little family.