twenty ten or o-10 or 10 ?

Dear Diary,

here it is ..this just goes to show how shallow I am ..pondering how "I " shall speak this decade...I guess I will try all 3 until I see which one fits..

Last year I did a first night in Chatham , MA .I do gigs in Mass as much as possible so I can hang with family. Normally Fresia comes with BUT this year flights were crazy sooooo it was mom and me..How cool. We did 4 shows !! rigging was easy peasy , a lift yeay.. Now I am enjoying this new year drinking fake champagne with my mom ...

new pumps

December 30, 2009

my shoes have served me well, I call them my trapeze shoes, they have been rebuilt a bunch, they are almost at the end of their time.. I could not do trapeze without this kind of shoe. I think they give me super powers. Sometimes I would be walking into the ring to do trapeze and the heel would get stuck in the cellotex or the mud !!! I would do my act and then in the cover of darkness I would find this stiletto heel and breath a sigh..
what to do , I think ? I traipsed around cities looking for replacements for years..last week I found some new pumps ..phew.. the kryptonite has been buried for a while longer

chef and sous chef

Lauren and Lana, two of my true friends ..what is a friend ?? a friend is someone you take to the airport when it is a little far ,you scrub their ceiling with a magic erase , cook them something amazing and do all the dishes , drive and save them when they are broke down on the highway and let them borrow your socket set for 4 years at least ha ha oops , let them stay with you in times of catastrophy , buy them a venti breve latte from Starbucks and a silver cup and give them flowers just cuz or a fruit salad from Publix or some bowtie pasta with feta from Morton's and you don't get mad when they eat it all. Friends say thank you , friends do nice things for each other, friends listen ,friends respect each other.

"Friends make secrets and secrets make friends" well that is what Fresia says.

Bill Strong

December 27, 2009

Today we remembered Bill Strong. It was poignant to hear peoples words and experiences about this man..

friends and families said and shared sweet thoughts.. I am so glad I was there.The room was packed with love..the room was packed with people

"and company" will be missed..I can't imagine the void you feel when someone you spent most of your life with is gone

sort of cold

Sunday December 27, 2009
home still

Dear Diary,

I am unable to get a good stretch and really warm up when it is chilly out. However the weather doesn't give a boo hoo at my happy feelings so I schlep my sorry self out there and practice and stretch and wear wool..yay

at the end of the day or the morning I feel pretty good..

In conclusion back bends are not a feel good kind o thing when it is below 60f and you are above a certain age


Still in Sarasota, at the park , with a purse and a cute jacket and fbe being her darling self

this holiday action is brutal

Sarasota, Florida December 26, 2009

if I eat 1 more thing I will explode.. I think I have only eaten 15 cookies this whole festive time. Tonight was the big party at Kay's. I finally sampled some of Derek's legendary Gumbo.I ate dinner before the event, thinking I would not eat there and just sensibly sip white wine. HA HA HA, I was wrong. These deserts..this pumpkin torte thing , this scrumptious orange creme cake, this tiramisu and liquor, with tons of Marzipan they called out to me and I succumbed. I am weak.
I left the party at 9.45. Chip told me my game was week.
I have a good reason for such indulgence I saw Julie and Julia last night and am allowing myself fullness and a few nibbles. I was slightly inspired. Elaine and I cooked together the last two nights!! there is nothing more fun then cooking with someone else, especially if one knows one's place. To dance in the kitchen with one's mother and for no one to get hurt is excellent.

Today we visited the new park on Bee Ridge, things to play with and some trails...

night at the museum

in between "things" I checked out the museum , aquarium, mosaic ceiling wildness inside a cave with stalactites and tunnels galore..can you say WOW and FUN and I learned and saw great things ??

Tavana's footloop

Tavana's upside down footloop walk lives here now.Jessica's daughter Elliana keeps it alive ,by walking upside down ! yay


when in St Louis

still December, still 2009

actually it is the 20th and I am in St Louis, MO

If anyone is so fortunate and in this city they must go to the city museum, where Jessica Hentoff is making a difference. She makes many peoples lives better ,even great.

I had the happy time of teaching and watching these fierce children train , have passion and joy ,cooperate and play well with others..

Jessica brings circus and life skills to 1300 children !! 1300 children. I can't explain the greatness of watching people push their boundries..that is not including the 400 yearly shows the youth circus performs and all the people that get to experience it from the outside looking in

there is a lot of love, a lot of life

and the setting is the coolest museum ever is for everyone and I want everyone to come here

City Museum

By day I am at this very excellent museum that houses many things, one amazing thing is Jessica Hentoff's circus school and performing space, where I have the pleasure of teaching.At this place people/kids learn and perform Russian bar, juggling, diablos, aerial stuff of all descriptions, they are funny, they unicycle, tumble, tight wire, contortion, hula hoop, they walk on huge globes, they dance, they ride horses! these persons are strong and fearless.It is a pleasure to be a coach/teacher/whatever that word is.

Fresia would love this place, there is an aquarium, a shoelace factory, amazing slides, a Ferris wheel, mazes,,fun fun fun. The Ferris wheel is bolted on the top of the building and it works outside in the fresh air on top of the building. There is a big praying mantis on the roof and a hippo I believe.
Art is being made here and there is art to look at. I don't really have any good ladylike words for this sweet place. I need to investigate it further

seen and heard

The irony of it all is "The Amazing Sladek" was at my casa for a fitting and this photo was taken, before Smiley D said, " Sladek is about as butch as a mink stole "

These funny words were said in the parking lot of the Oriental Buffet..there are witnesses.

the big show

Last night was the "Show folks Circus", this show tends to be a bit longish and sometimes....I don't have the correct I won't try to express anything too emotional about the actual show.

The greatest most amazing part of this evening is to see, to speak ,to enjoy friends,coworkers and foes (whose foe quality evaporated as soon as we locked eyes).Some people I see only one time a year, here at this show!! some in Evansville, so that would be twice a year , let's not split hairs.
There is lots of hugging, it is a hug fest of a night.Wendy B gave her seal of approval on Sladek's costume.

Marshall bailed on me ,so once again it was a Fresia/Me adventure.

Fresia had big times with her friends, she even hit the dance floor at the club.

Much to her relief I did not make my normal spectacle dancing "wild, like a freak mom! everyone else dances so nice!! but you , you !! mom, can't you blend in?"

I was dubbed the Doctor because I was part of the medical team who removed some stitches from some one's face in Evansville, I modeled Dick Ko's leather bracelets etc., bought an agent a drink! he said I was slowly paying off my commission, was told my driving still sucks, had some great gossip, enjoyed some babies and some babies to be,jaws were dropping, tales were told..
I did hear some great stories..the tweens hung out in the bathroom

I wonder what time the club closed..?


I will miss that friend, he always had amazingness and kindness and fun..

I was going to visit today but I got Fresia's cold and cough and didn't want to make him get more sick and ..death does not wait for anyone.

He was one of those people I was always happy to see and share bits and pieces of life with..

I will miss that...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Florida fauna is a sight to behold, the massiveness of the succulents and the air one has "just one" aloe plant and Schefflera grow 50 feet high..

the bubble gum made the jump

Maverick Coffee

my Barista friend Thierry R is the proprietor of this fine establishment on the Trail, great joe and bike repair..


mailbox with anchor chain from the fabulous Gulf of Mexico

art imitates life

or life imitates art

table mosaic by my mom for her mom

screwdrivers work better than butter knives

UGGH my poles are in the wrong place, I knew it was a bad idea. I am going to kick those power lines.
After a test swing and some hard thinking Simone agreed ,"take down that useless cable line"

So I did, first attempt a buttter knife. Nothing removes a screw like a screwdriver.

I imagine if I put those poles where they belong I wouldn't be using silverware as a construction tool.

what is more fun than tearing down in make up ?

nothing, nothing is more fun than tearing down in make up