Roy Huston

we lost a friend Roy Huston.
My heart goes out to Yuka, his sweet wife.
Roy was drummer, a very very very excellent builder of illusions,a magician, a philosopher and a friend.
He had an amazing performing history and was cool and fun and we will miss his stories and him. I don't know if I can even go to Gibtown very sad.No Scott or Bobby or Roy. I think I would cry the whole time.
When Marshall had the band on L.E. Barnes in 2001, Roy came and played for the first 2or 3 weeks.
I personally did magic with him a quite a few times.His illusions were the best ,he had the most amazing light bulb thing,his crystal casket was intense.Everything he built was quite good.Some illusions are like wal-mart ,his were like Sak's Fifth Avenue.
They had a very cool magic house..say no more say no more
Roy and Yuka were some of my first circus friends I met them in 1987 at Bunni and Janek Bartoks
to Roy and showbiz and everything good

hair hang

Monday June 29, 2009

I am feeling more like myself.I look less like Friday the 13th people.

I shall be a shipmate Ruby in a couple of days, I am so on the mend.

Today I did a few pikes up the web,hung from my trapeze and hardly took any vicoden,yay

We had a very awesome field trip! Abby ,Fresia and moi drove to the Cole Show! Abby's very wonderful boyfriend ,Joe, met us there!!
MR JW Pugh gave us tickets!!thank you thank you Elvin Bale. I love that show!! So many friends.I showed off my war wounds had some fleeting wonderful visits.We all totally dug the show.
Two women Petya and Vicky did the most amazing hair hang act!! Those girls were smokin! Great ground movement dance before the act,cool hair hang stuff, great energy,excellent costumes!!

Fresia found two boys she likes at the show.Especially the 14 year old boy that rides the motorcycle in the globe of death!!He also had a moustache growing in.yikes

Everything was correct.. the dog act was very cute.We liked the camels and the beautiful belly dancin girls .I saw my girlfriends Libby, Viola and Nina.The prop crew and the pace of the show as always inspired me.There was a five women fabric display sigh...the high wire was poetic,something about a group of people who so rely on each other to caravan across a wire this very beautiful to me.As I watched the canon drive into position I got a little sad remembering how everything used to be..

lunch with friends

Sunday June 28, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today our very good friends were in Lake George finishing up a family reunion.
On their way back to NYC they stopped by for a visit and some planning of the social nature.
We foraged for a restaurant, we ended up at Davidson's in Glen Falls.
Very Tasty! annnd they have etch a sketch annnd the waitress understood what a water with a million lemons and limes meant.

day 2 for 3.0

Friday June 26, 2009

Shipmate Ruby 3.0 day number 2.She tore her hands big time.This Shipmate Ruby does a flow style of trapeze, more modern than me.Just for fun she is going to experiment with a showbiz style ..why not .I am going to learn some flow, just for fun.


Friday June 26, 2009

every once in a while a pirate loses her callouses

shipmate ruby 3.0

Thursday June 25, 2006
a plethora of pirate girl aerialists.another amazing darling of an trapeze buff..very dancy.will be fun watching her shake the lovlies out and get to be a gritty pirate...


Thursday June 25, 2009

I have 2 very good quality brothers. When we were 7 & 8, Josh and I played catch with 1 year old Sam. I think this is why Josh roasts and delivers coffee for me.
Yes, I was always good for some kind of game of catch!!
We never dropped Sam.It was really a game of carefully pass the 20 pounder.
I remember this activity like it was yesterday, we were at Rose and Phil's house,we were each standing on top of twin beds in the guest room holding Sam,we quickly came to our senses when we realized we couldn't really really throw him.We were giggling very quietly and hysterically.
We had a way about us that could make our mother, "I am furious".

shipmate Ruby 2.0

Wednesday June 24,

I is fixed!!!well my broken face is!annnd I got pain go away drugs..

Shipmate Ruby 2.0 is a doll the whole cast adores her !! yay
She was only for today, she did excellent,great energy and adventurous and darling. Tomorrow Shipmate Ruby 3.0

washing dainties

Tuesday June 23, 2009

pirates even do laundry

getting my broken face fixed

Tuesday June 23, 2009

Dear Diary,

I would like to thank the academy, actually my cool circus community out there for hooking me up with a couple of gals to replace shipmate Ruby while she gets her face fixed tomorrow and has a few days to heal !!!!

arrgh giddyup and everything nice...

good bad and ugly

June 22, 2006
Dear Diary,

I broke my face.I have been doing piracy with a broken face for 2 weeks...

My friends are pirates ,superheroes and bad guys!!


cabana boys

Sunday June 21, 2009

Dear Diary,

I set up my trapeze, had a few tear downs because wet stuff came out of the sky!

I have cabana boys and they help me when I snap my fingers.


June 20, 2009

"mom ,your pits smell like raspberries and stink"

1)my nose is broken
2)should have been set by day 7
3)it is day 14
4)see plastic surgeon or ENT on Monday
5) I am an idiot, "why didn't you come in immediately?"
6) gee whiz, "I thought it was just in this horrible painful position for a few days?"
7)for good measure burnt the crap out of dinner
8) didn't burn down the bungalow
9) decided that I will do Bikram yoga in the extra bedroom in the bungalow, because I know what the f--- is going on AND the yoga classes I have paid money for have only cause me more pain !! and I want to sweat buckets and get rid of my pain.

in conclusion ,no comment

Fresia being tortured

My beautiful daughter is a fart tag and belching champion.

The divers are such a wonderful influence.

I am soooooooo proud.

They are all getting along swimmingly.


Friday June 19,2009

Three shows, a light sprinkle during the last show.Good crowds and warm air.
I made mashed taters and corn bread for dinner.

Fresia is into Guitar Hero and her favorite song is "Smoke on the water"

She is so taking piano lessons this fall!!!

cooking is fun

red and green enchiladas

only fools talk about the weather

June 18, 2009

only fools talk about the weather

never trust anyone with a mullet

while performing today my fabric got very wet! it was very difficult to do wraps because it was so heavy!my hair got stuck the first show! I did a ridiculous and stupid performance.I am going to use a pulley and pulley my fabric up right before I perform and then drop it immediately after, so it won't get so drenched! our dryer in the green room is not working so my costumes smell moldy and stinky.

we played "I spy" while waiting...

there was a visit to the candy store

I told stories and some people jumped in adding there own chapters..

making up stories while waiting for "something" is entertaining and fun AND stops us from talking about religion, politics and money HA

for example, once upon a time there were a bunch of pirates , they were in a green room weighing their options blah blah blah

we loves jelly bellies and we loves the new reese m & m's


June 17, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today was hot and lovely.Three easy shows, no major casualties.

When you work in water and have something that needs to be wrapped for support, nothing helps like duct tape.

After the shows I did a pilates/ yoga class. It was pretty good. I personally need the heat from Bikram to stretch out my hip flexors. Once you do yoga in 100f +- nothing compares...

The divers watched Fresia, they asked her to play Frisbee and to clean the toilet so they could give her a nice swirly,all in good clean fun.They are really sweet to her.They all torture each other in a fun sibling esque way, it is rather cute. Fresia says ," Mom, I know you are going to take their side!"
can't we all play nice?

The divers cooked ribs and some bow ties with a vodka chicken asparagus sauce. We all watched this horrible unfunny movie .

We went en mass to Martha's for some dandee ice cream.

I have decided my nose is horrible and crooked and has to be re broken or straightened or something. boo hoo

Tom Watson is my cousin, well he was

action packed and disgusting

Tuesday June 16, 2009

Today for a snack Fresia made a new concoction. Balsamic vinegar and goldfish disgusting and tasty.Hard to swallow.

I went to Saratoga Springs and did a different yoga.It was hot flow yoga and it was very intense.When it seems every meal is a big plate of disappointment, hot sweaty yoga is the cure.

We played putt putt and we cheated our asses off.We were laughing like crazy girls,if you don't cheat you are not really trying .After our fun time Fresia did cartwheels all the way home
It is very hard to write and be clever while a dog is destroying his chewy toy while sitting on your lap and your daughter is bouncing a bouncy ball off the wall behind your head

a light up

Sunday June 14, 2009

Dear Diary,

Divers are very entertaining. They know lots of fun games that could involve alcohol.
When they break rules they punish each other with a "light up".Criminal drops trous, exposing buttocks and caller takes a running leap and leaves a hand print.yup we seen it with our own eyes.
Fresia and I deemed it blog worthy.

Very soon 5 show days begin..and no days off...I might need Tupperware.

Fresia's backstage view

Thursday June 11, 2009

Fresia took snaps from backstage.She is "little Becky" or "little Pearl".She wants to be "Sapphire" or "Yellow Diamond".

After the show we went for some acupuncture, Miss Fresia said she wanted to try it cuz her knee and ankle hurt . I think she wants the adventure of it. She got 7 needles stuck in her and was very cool and said she felt better. She then informed me that when she goes back to school she will need a note for her teacher so she can get out early and go to her "Acupuncturist"...

the trouble with Spartacus

Wednesday June 10, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today a dog lady came over. She taught us some really good things about training our dog. He took to it like a fish to water! We worked on a lot of behaviors and he seemed quite content with being treated like a dog. The trouble was he had no boundaries and we treated him like a human. He worked pretty hard and will sleep like a champ!

Fresia found a butterfly on the walk home, it has a slightly severed segment.She named it Fluffy.oooops Fluffy isn't moving.

Another easy 3 show day. My nose still hurts and I am still banned from the boards.