how many times can I say Giddy Up?

this is the most fun cute entertaining production number !! we do a cool dance, Laura sings amazingly,we do web ! and Vince B does his kickin rope spinning act!! Weiner Herriot Plunkett !! a woman with a vision who makes it happen !!



The alley

tight parking 14 degrees, powdery snow

Snow in Omaha

the pony

beautiful mirrored pony that revolves high above the arena the entire show


after show chit chat with jug wine

The floor

in between shows

the band

band is 11 pieces and there are 3 trumpets !!!Lee Reynolds who used to play with Stan Kenton and is a friend is playing the ivories

Carmen the globe rider

the secret weapon

Laura the Diva

practicing her horse shoe ride


this date has been so delightful in the rigging department,Sladek is the rigger and I check my rigging but I haven't had to guy out my rigging but on set up day!

Jesse and Laura

horse shoe inspection

Averting catastrophe

A bunch of different people driving down the highway to work in far away lands always seem to converge along the way.

That always amazes me

When you are driving down the highway and hear weird noises I believe you should put an end to the noise. Tada , case closed..

I drive into a truck stop , my skin gets ripped off and these amazing mechanics fix it, on the spot!

there is a big truck repair facility in the North Pole of Iowa along exit 23 or 28 off of I-29 called Gillways or something like that and they are amazing and you drive your whole truck and trailer into the shop and they fix things lickity split

Icicles and trailers

What a Diva eats

Jake Conover

Jake Conover stopped by the other day to pick up some web casings I had dyed.

A web is the covered rope we climb up to do aerial artistry.

This is a frustrating time consuming job, it is not even worth describing in detail... I liken it to peeling grapes and not eating them or changing a tire in the mud.In short dying something stiff and big in scalding hot water that turns everything thing black and is tricky to manipulate.This material is like fire hose. It is a rewarding job, so I won't gripe another second !

Web casings is inconsequential, Jake is worth writing about. This man loves life, he loves everything about the circus. From the trucks, he has a very cool Ford 650 , to the bull tubs to the lights . he digs it all.

When Jake talks about his travels, his eyes light up . I think Jake views a successful journey as a brilliant multi functional puzzle with pieces perfectly fitting together. His journeys involve delivering his wonderful rigging and props to negotiating deals, visiting shows and show people.

Jake and Mary and family have helped me by supplying me with the rigging I need to do my job for many years !!


hot yoga

my idea of a great day, while I am training at my aerial ranch begins with hot yoga! I push myself mentally and physically and stretch like an insane lunatic.actually a great day begins with a delivery of espresso and milk in bed....

front porch

we have a 7o foot high schefflera plant in front of our porch, the base is 5 feet in diameter and that is why I live in this town !

Marshall looking fashiony

the electrician guy told me that the liquid that drips off the trees turns into that delicious looking algae..

fresia soaking up some sun

home improvement and nice ladder

climbing up this ladder is the only aerial thing about home improvement

the critics

Dicky,Vicky and Johnny

giddy up

Divas and the "amazing one" getting ready for the big show

giddy up

some of us drove from the north and some of us drove from the south .
we all met in Riverview at Vicky's ranch.
it was a fine collection of circus personalities and aerial divas!
we choreographed a darling little dance for the big show

I love getting adjusted

I have the most excellent chiropractor ever. Except I always get a little crazy when I have my neck adjusted.The whole family goes to see Dr. Joe, Fresia takes pictures and laughs at me, Marshall is a good boy and doesn't put up a fuss. I ,however , start laughing hysterically and say , "wait, wait ! " I make a lot of noise and kind of a scene but I always feel amazing afterwards.