home again home again

that wasn't such a bad drive! I found some more cool coffee cups! YAY, now I have 10.
the house without wheels and Scythian/trailer need a little extra scrubbing.
Sarasota is delightfully humid.
It is good to be home.

happy feet

Friday September 25, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today is shaping up to be magnificently indulgent.

A small group went for Thai snacks, lunchy! yummmmy

Tavana spied a Starbucks, we had less than adequate service and lame drinks. a big F for that part.

Tavana fortunately spied a nail place, unfortunately we had no flippy floppies, fortunately we got pedicures,Tavana told me I had to get a cool design, she said , "it is fabulous, you will feel lovely". The nail lady encouraged me to go bright red.... Very fortunately we walked back to the lot in those funny foot prisons phony flippy floppies they give you.very funny, we looked silly..

pretty kitty

hey let's take a picture for Abby and all your fans

Thursday September 24, 2009

Today was one of those brilliant days of being thankful for my amazing friends and the wonderful people on this show.

My time here has evolved into a jewel of a visit. When I first arrived the dynamics of my role in the fabric of this circus family was unknown. I feel I am woven into this tapestry and I will be sad to unravel myself ..sniff sniff..

Today I was playing in the soft grass. I let my stilettos sink into the earth, not my smartest move.When I strutted out of the tent, my stilleto heel stayed in the soft earth. I panicked," not my sacred hooker shoes!!(that's what I call my pumps)"
After I bit of looking I found the heel and jammed it back together. Tragedy averted.

Note to self, don't drink and blog..because I either get surly or poetic


Today Nat lost a dog to cancer.One of her favs, a very sweet dog. At night in the cool damp air we drank cab sav and toasted our lost animals.
Kind of creepy we are.We started naming lots of critters.

I got up at 5.30 yesterday and felt wretched all day, today I slept till 6.30 I think I have a chance at feeling peppy. I whipped up a headpiece for trapeze yesterday, because I felt not correct. My headpiece is an element of my whole performing deal-ee-o.
This headpiece is a work in progress. I could not go in to the ring with my head bare ass naked for one more second.

case closed


Abby and Steve
This is my trapeze/shipmate Ruby replacement for 14 days in the dive show when I broke my face this summer practicing some cool partner dive flip thing that was supposed to be safe and idiot proof,that the boss thought would be " a great idea" if we put it in the show, and had surgery and took vicoden for 5 days and pretended I was "House".

Kelly /Miller was close and we did day shows so we went to see show and friends and did AOB&G bar-b-que and fellowship with friends and this two crazy kids met and ......the clown and the aerialist .you could write a book about this stuff

back door

Tuesday September 22, 2009

I guess because I am a visiting "artiste" I am going a little goofy with the picture taking! What's wrong with a little documentation anyway.
I will be performing my single trapeze act for most of my last week here.
did I note what a great space this is? how excellent the prop crew is? how so far I have been level and totally dig my swing?
in this snap ,I believe we all damaged our retinas

yay for me

Monday September 21, 2009

I am performing my trapeze act for a couple of days. Someone is not well.

John Moss the ringmaster selected the most amazing music for my entrance and static section. Miss Vicky found something dynamic for my swinging.

It was magical and hard and wonderful.

Marshall had sent me some costumes and my wings when I joined up with this outfit.
I don't have my headpieces so I had to really brush my hair and make it all sparky.

I was in the show 5 times! I changed in Nat and Casey's casa, cause I am living in the front yard.Nat is so darling!, her words make me feel like a glamorous movie star.

Casey keeps calling me a "showgirl" and this packs me enormously! I forgot to hydrate during the second show .I was stretching before trapeze and thinking I am very thirsty . Case came by ,bev in hand, to watch and critique. I told him of my thirstiness and he shook his diet cola in my face and said, "After you work you can have a drink of the gin you left in our trailer".How refreshing!!

Tavana gave me a great review. Her opinion counts because she is one of the great aerialists in time. She is from a time of standards.

In conclusion, yes!

the evolution of joy





Brown Nuptials

Friday September 18, 2009

Today is a beautiful day. Father Jerry came to town. My very good friend Tavana was officially confirmed in the Catholic church. After the confirmation Tavana and Danny's wedding vows were blessed. It was a beautiful thing watching my very good friends on this circus, this very circus that I got married on, this very circus that Tavana was at when I got married!

So now I see why I am here ! It is always great to be with friends during happy times..I am so glad I am ,by chance, working here on this magical day.

The Little Sisters of Jesus are also here.They were at my wedding on this very show as well!

Chance happenings..how we meet and end up at these places in time..

The Animal Kingdom

Thursday September 17, 2009

The tiger and the dog compound make up what I call The Animal Kingdom.

This is my favorite place to hang out in the backyard, clown alley comes in second.

Note the hard covered edition of Hemingway on the table, nuff said

summertime and the livin is easy

Wednesday September 16, 2009

Dear Diary,

Being here, on this show, is good transition from my pirate existence.

I am so lucky that I have the privilege and luxury of this performing life.

Some days I think I should make more of myself..learn something new..hmmmm

I'll think about that..

Today Valerie, photo journalist extraordinaire took amazing photos of us.I leapt and she caught me in flight.Very cool photo!!!All the photos she took were outstanding, she understands light..I had to snap her and family.

Nat and moi lined up some of our cool coffee mugs and took an action shot.We are both collectors of this functional object.

girls walking dogs

beauty and the beasts

shit with feet

a beautiful lift

Sunday September 3, 2009

It is not like I am working. The way I think about work is set up and tear down and do my acts and sometimes be a little numb to the situation at hand.

I thought I would do my act when there was an void in the show. A gash of nothingness. I misunderstood. I am here to be my sparkly self, to be a showgirl.
I won't deny this is the most stress free performing I have had in a while, I just feel a little embarrassed sometimes. One of my very smart friends said you are in between dates. You are working..etc. etc.. It is amazing here, all these people all this stuff. The everydayness of it all

I noticed this beautiful lift and decided it needed to be acknowledged.

too busy living life

Saturday Sept 12, 2009

Dear Diary,

I am too busy living life to write.

I found this very noteworthy

Professionalism: It's not the job you do; it's how you do the job

on a me note, back is feeling very flexible! In general I feel great!
I am surrounded by mostly amazing people.
There are a couple of zits, but that is life. Every once in a while a hideous blemish appears.

Walking to walk is a great thing to do. It is fun, kind of like jumping on the moon bounce when there aren't a lot of towners !

the big show

Thursday September 10, 2009

Made it to Chicago! one day for driving, today I am in the show..

it is always good to have low expectations

I get to wear big eyelashes and gobs of makeup!!

I am glad to be off the ship

chicago or bust!

well..it is not going to be exactly like this..

last show...

we really had a splendid time

last day of shows

Monday September 7, 2009

The last day of shows..

I will admit Shipmate Ruby got a little teary eyed during her last trapeze, nothing hurt and she felt bionic!

What a great team!

After the last show the divers tore down the diving boards and
I started my trapeze. I made a new big pulley block and we sensibly dropped my rigging. The whole team helped me strike my poles,roll up cables, chain blocks. It was fast and awesome. Bones got a cable graze when a cable snapped! Otherwise it was excellent and injury free. I drove the boards, compressors, hoses and costumes to his house.

I got some high quality beer and snacks ! we had a great party and played "beer pong"

I love this crew!

Tomorrow I load up and hit the trail