Hadi Shrine line up

new and shiny

In my opinion..the new management did a splendid job..actually an excellent job with the new Hadi Shrine Circus !! A lot of new fresh faces, excellent lighting, a great building (except for the wind tunnel in the back door and the parking is tight )
Rumour has it that next year the band will update their charts !!

The last day for me I had the most mishaps ever, my web was not lowered for my trapeze..so I was a little late getting started. My neck loop came crashing to the ground off my lyra , always a comforting thing to see. So I climbed the web with the loop on my shoulder, looking extra spastic. I had a snafu in the little dance..grrr.. .To make the show perfect I forgot to wear my gloves in the elephant act. Oh yeah and my costume almost fell off during trapeze..In conclusion..I felt like the ultimate idiot

There were some crowd favorites The Castle Performing Bears (people love the dancing bear) , lots of women and aerialists in the air , Dave Smith Sr. performed his last shot from the cannon and how beautifully and high did he fly !! Elephants, tigers, doggies, horses, camels, jugglers, acrobats ....it was a big, happy, pretty, show

hallways and dressing rooms

we spend a lot of time in dressing rooms and hallways
waiting , changing, warming up, gossiping, telling tales..

some of the faces of the Hottie Shrine

elephant empresses

we are wearing real corsets and breathing !!!

under new management

something about driving to Evansville and being part of the Hadi Shrine Circus is pretty privileged..

We lost our beloved Paul Kaye last year, we also performed at Roberts Stadium for the last time...

This year the Jordan Circus is the producer and we are performing at the Ford Arena in downtown Evansville.

I am not one of the circus royalty who has performed here since the beginning of time, so my little mark in the history of the Hadi Shrine is insignificant.
My first time was 1995. I missed 2001-2006, because of other shows and obligations. I came back in 2007, just Fresia and me. Marshall will have nothing to do with hanging out in the cold weather and watching me suffer through the shows. Don't ask me why but this is the most agonizing date I have ever done. I love the wretchedly soreness of it all. It makes me thankful I can climb up to my rigging and do spectacular and unspectacular things.

Yesterday was a day full of practice and running animal and production number.I am wearing some fun little costumes and doing a cute little dance, as well as aerial things and riding an elephant.

The highlight of opening day is we only have 1 show today at 3pm !! Normally we have 2 shows followed by a big Thanksgiving dinner, waking up super early performing at 9.30, 2 & 7 Friday and Saturday closing with 1 show on Sunday............


whoever said Lyra , the roundish aerial aparatus , was easy and a joke is an uneducated fool !!! oh wait ..I said that once

well I take it back. Lyra is not easy and the metal part is ouchy.

I hope to have learned from this exercise , nothing is easy .

My very wonderful friend Jody U is helping me with Lyra...

neighbors at the fair

11 days of fair

I forgot my power cable for my laptop. I also did not bring a TV. I had my trusty Iphone and great books and lots of sewing and trailer organizing ...oh yeah and there were shows to be done.

The weather was cool and refreshing, there was a hot tub we had the use of, I found an Aveda salon and had my hair beautified.

The show kids did a show. darling !

I went to the Flying High Circus at FSU, very nice.

Looked at a beautiful Merry Go Round across the way

Worked out


Another fair...this is the life. One spot for 11 show days. The weeks days have only 1 show at 7.30 , for the most part. We have a few 3 show days and a couple of 2 show days.sigh.. the show is loaded with talent..

Lots of side show attractions at this fair, I am going to visit each and every one..

We have a beautiful double decker merry go round right next to us.
There is also a jacuzzi next to us and the jacuzzi guy has taken a shine to us and we asked him if we could try it . So today he comes up to the tent and says the jacuzzi is 107 !! However my people at the circus told me I can't go jumping in the jacuzzi while the fair is going on..boo

I am pretty much over being without the family...but fortunately I have great gal pals to hang with and I am working with another aerial diva !!!