105 shows as of March 30 , 2014

As I left the gas station the other day this really nice man who happened to be wearing a bakers hat gave me this nice box of donuts and told me to share with my friends at the circus . Tavana gave all of us ladies flowers because the production is so wonderful and everyone is so happy about it's wonderfulness . Flowers and donuts , what could be nicer ?
It seems like we have been in dry counties forever ( 6 days ) here in Arkansas . It has turned into a regular subject amongst some of us . I wonder who decided to keep counties dry .

A couple of days ago Fresia had her throat looked at and scraped , her tonsils were the size of walnuts and all crevice like . The nurse practitioner said that when your tonsils are all swollen everything in your head takes a pratfall . Headache ,earache , fever ,swollen glands etc etc.. All she needs to do is dry up the gunk in her head . We happily ( because it wasn't strep throat ) hightailed it to the drugstore . All she needed was an antihistamine ,a decongestant and Advil . Well guess what you can't buy pseudephedrine in Arkansas unless you have a prescription or an Arkansas license because of all the meth labs !!!! We had to get a prescription .

CRAZY or what ?

My solution..wet counties

Emily (circus school kitten ) has been riding elephants in the show . She is pretty happy about this . I tell you there is nothing that I know that is more fun than riding an elephant . Anyway we were chit chatting about what she learned in " circus school " or more accurate what she didn't learn . Circus School owners and students take note . These are very important skills .Circus make up ,traditional ta da or styling , how to manage money if you have a concession job, traditional Spanish web , hairpiece and headpiece wearing ,costume repair , living on the road , fishnet mending , the mystery of the correct undergarment , how to not look like you are walking through mud . In circus school she learned acrobatic and aerial skills mostly ,  but if you ask me that is like having awesome ingredients without a dish and a garnish to serve it in ....don't be selfish teachers !! Not every student is going to have their own makeup artist or work in an angst show wearing gray underwear .

She has learned many things here " on the job " .

There is always something to discuss when you work in nature . Us intellectuals have been discussing different qualities of mud that we get to work in . There is clay like mud that clings and grows and sometimes sucks your mud boots off . Silky mud that hoses off easy , but can be very slippery . Red mud that stains everything . Pebble mud or mud with rocks in it . Sometimes an animal might have to use the ladies room walking to work , this make for muddy manure shoveling . It was a funny conversation , what kind of people sashay around the planet and dance in mud ?

The little laundromat in Kingston , Oklahoma

Hello Oklahoma !
There is always something so wonderful about coming to Oklahoma.
I remember when we first signed up with this outfit in 1990 . We would roll into winter quarters 4/5 days early so the band could practice the tunes of the season , computers were something big and scary . The downfall of live music was not even something we could imagine .In those days I was an elephant tada girl extroadanaire so I got to go to the elephant barn , meet the girls and practice / play with the elephants . Something that seemed so ordinary was actually spectacularly special and I will remember those times forever . There is nothing more privileged than walking by 26 elephants and riding one or two in the show
We will be in Hugo tomorrow . I know I will be nostalgic and a little sad , but hopefully hopeful
We are jazzed to see some special people in the next couple of days .

Today I am in a wee laundromat .
Usually Marshall and I do laundry at this location together . I love this little laundry place . A few top loaders and cool furniture .

Listening is a very admirable quality

star date March 16 ,2014
Dear Diary ,

Today is cool and breezy . This morning some trucks got a little stuck in a little mud  , it was a winching this winching that sort of a deal , fortunately everything got off  yesterday's lot almost before the sun came up . The drive was amazing and traffic free , I love driving in daylight !
When we arrived at today's town a few things got a little stuck .. in some mud ( shocking , you didn't see that coming ) unfortunately the stake driver truck got stuck . Fortunately the bob cat driven by Jason directed by Cristian pulled the stake driver truck directed by Teto and all 82 stakes got pounded into the ground . Unfortunately it is windy . Fortunately I had some hearty patrons for the tent raising tour . Tent raising tour is my #dayjob ( I wear pants )

Yesterday the weather was a little humid and slightly stormy . The grip quality was amazing not only for aerial shenanigans but for wire walking and anything you could imagine . Yesterday was also the first early finish this season . So nice to be done at 7 and just to hang out and play in the trailer .

Yesterday was also a day full of amusing things . During the carousal production my shoes went awol so Fridman and Nik got to carry me out of the ring .
I installed the " if you blow/miss your act or finale you must buy at least 1 case of beer for your co workers " ( actually that is an old Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus Band penalty ) . The rule in showbiz is to be ready and in the wings at least an act before you go on , but what do I know . The school of circus , learning the ropes and on the job training .

A friend of mine said , " rules keep the peace " that is so true , if only they were followed !!! smile and nod just smile and nod .

Fletcher has been working on a flexible gyroscopic pole , entertaining for us to watch .

the sun will come out tomorrow

This is the kind of mud or muck or mire that has a clay like consistency and clings to all manner of shape that tries to cross it . This stuff laughs at 4 wheel drive .

 Marshall and Electra coming back from a " taking care of business " walk

Electra is " classy , never trashy , just a little nasty "

sometimes mud makes us sad

Friday morning we pulled onto the lot . The lot had been bulldozed to make it level and a gravel drive had been built . As we started walking the lot we observed the sort of ground we were walking on . We knew if or when it rained we would have mud clinging to everything EVERYTHING and all the trucks and trailers would get stuck STUCK !! Saturday night it rained . Just imagine walking and your boots getting stuck as the clay hardens . About a week ago one of the first of mays said she didn't mind mud...I guess she hadn't pulled vinyl/tent or cable or rolled a water hose or gotten so stuck that 2 wreckers couldn't pull her out and been up till 3 in the morning  getting everything off the lot..mudville

My kingdom for a putty knife