The view of Resorts International in Atlantic City, that was a little adventure....

3 shows a day for 21 days , impressive

My jobs on this fine show are as follows, face painting, ringmaster,aerial fabric and trapeze!! I was happily painting away, but the show was about to start! seeing as how I was going to be the ringmaster and all that I had to turn away 1 sad little boy...I promised him as soon as the show was over I would paint his face. I did, in wardrobe, sitting on the ring snazzy was that ???

In Sedalia, MO at the state fair we do 3 shows a just has to pace oneself

This morning my truck was impounded because I didn't have my special pass in the right spot of my mirror, actually 3 circus trucks were impounded! I was forgiven because my pass fell off..

My day is mostly spent admiring the puppies , walking the dogs and making sure Electra is hydrated and fed . I suppose that is pretty great that I have something to consume me and I don't just sit around feeling sorry for myself and getting angry that Marshall and I aren't trouping around the planet together

Mother and childs

Well this was a fun day! I drove 750 miles with baby puppies!

When you start having breakers with your moniker written next to them by the electricians , you know you have hit the big time

Leaving Atlantic City was pretty heavy in the drama department. Why? I will tell you why, I loved being there, loved the peeps , loved the venue. I am talking love!!
Of I went in a trail of sweat and tears.
Naturally when I went to hook up my trailer I realized that little wire that was squished would not let me have external juice.. Lucky for me a world famous Wallenda and the Guiness record holding Hartzells were there to save the day!!!
When I came to the Ben Franklin bridge I discovered I was out of scratch and the $16 toll became a $26 toll just cuz the rat finks insisted my light truck was an extremely heavy truck!!! I had to drive around this funkalicious neighborhood trying to find an ATM and getting lost and there was more sweat and more tears.
The traffic in Philly was most trafficky and I was mildly hysterical ...
I finally got on the PA turnpike and Electra was painting and looking for the perfect spot to have her puppies.I thought she was overheated so I got her an ice pack.
There I am driving down the road and I look in the rear view mirror and she is cleaning her newborn puppy!!!!
Holy puppy poop!! She had 6 .. So that means I have 9 dogs...
What a bizarre day