a whole new crew

Monday August 31, 2009

Dear Diary,

Seven more days ,twenty eight more shows! The dynamics in the the show and in the green room have totally changed. We have these three (new to this show, but not showbiz) divers. They are very funny and smart and sassy and nice. A very high energy way to end this pirate summer.There is a lot of hilarity and improvising AND I hate to brag BUT there has been dancing and it ain't always me.

Almost every night we have a "function". I am even a chosen player in beer pong.
A drinking game, it is not the sport of the game but the drinking the beer that kills me.I play beer pong the way I bowl.

I am dreading that drive home ,but I can't wait to see Marshall and Fresia and Spartacus.

I have everyday goals this last week.A) To practice fabric B)take my vitamins C) skip rope D) finish my @#$%^&* taxes E) pack Fresia's toys and clothes by Wednesday
F)go to that alleged hot yoga ! ha we will see about that..how hot

I love not driving every day.I love not being on auto pilot.

Every situation has it's merits. I do truly miss my circus tents...

I do a little sewing

August 28, 2009

I fixed some one's costume. I set it on the dryer in the green room . Someone said, " Hey I bet you not large people could each fit in a pants leg."

I guess we should have pulled up the suspenders.

Funny is as funny does


Friday August 28, 2009

Dear Diary,

A couple of weeks ago I went to shut the green gate. The gate did not move but my wrist did. It was one of those minutely painful things. A few days later doing a back bend I felt something excruciating in my wrist. I was piking up my web it felt not good.

I am thinking," oh great, now what?"..I hadn't linked up the pain with the immovable gate, pop thing yet. I just figured I was done for, finished..that was it!

I stumbled thru my act because every time I pulled myself up it really hurt!!
After the show I sat in my wet costume and had a little boo hoo time. I iced, Advil, got wrapped and was instructed to do my act and take out the hurting parts.

Well that was everything! I started by climbing up using my legs and arms !! cool
WHAT HAVE I BEEN THINKING all these years? this is the way to do it !!
I eliminated the major painful stuff,which was only one little trick, and TADARRRGHAA!! A very easy, very pain free act!

After the show I hightailed it to the Acupuncture Studio and got jabbed.Warren told me about an excellent ,local ,awesome chiropractor and I am feeling pretty good. My right hamstring area has been funky all summer, my hips are super out of true..
I got my front end aligned.I am feeling ok,pretty good

11 more days of piracy!

Bobby's last day

Sunday August 23, 2009

Bobby filled in for a while ,end of the season filling out the cast deal.

He has a special way he peels a banana , from the bottom. Squeeze and peel AND you have a handle. A great show guy, high diver,very comical on stage and a faboo chef/foodie.

Kept us in stitches!

airport and pimping the Batmobile

Amy looking fabulous

Boo stayed

they didn't take Boo!!

my friends are getting screwed by big brother...

big brother

Friday August 21, 2009

Dear Diary,

Big Brother has confiscated some elephants....from Will, a person I know..elephants I have had the privilege of riding and performing with...

I can't imagine what that would feel like..

When you work with animals it is night after night..every day ..all the time

a moment of silence for not being able to see Boo and those girls ever again

Beautiful Miss Fresia and friends

Wednesday August 19, 2009

Today I got diesel for a sweet price cuz I shop at the 'chopper...

Fresia is darling and sometimes I think I am looking at the me I used to be when I was lush and full of youth.

Our green room is really green.

air dry

Tuesday August 18, 2009

We are not allowed to hang our wet costumes out to dry...

Our dryer is not working....

We are such rule breakers..

No tanning allowed...

Today I got to do extra sword fighting because ..I just did..

I love coffee with whole milk and jellybeans for my between shows 3 and 4 snack..

I found a perfect place to tweeze my eyebrows. I lie down half inside my changing place half outside next to the outside door. The lighting is perfect. I can get my eyebrows perfect, lying down on my back..ahh lives little pleasures and no public can see me!

Fresia's golden locks

Monday August 17, 2009

Marshall and Spartacus tried to fly home very very very very early Sunday am. All I can say is they might get home tonight.Unbelievable. Fresia lost her flight so we re booked for another day! More happy times for me.

My hands and feet were "on fire".

Today was Fresia's favorite divers last day, he is off to college. With a full scholarship, by the way! Who said divers ain't smart? TADarrrgggh uh

a slice-o-pie

Saturday August 15, 2009

Dear Diary,

I loves a slice-o-pie. I really mostly love a great slice. Finally after wanting and desiring a slice I got me one, beyond all expectations ...from Chrissy's Diner in Glen's Falls NY. Rasberry with a flaky perfect crust. I have been talking, dreaming and thinking about this since last September.

Great things come to those who wait.

Fresia and Chay '07 &'09

Thursday August 13, 2009

Dear Diary,

Marshall is here!!! I got me my man!

Also Jan And Chay..Fresia and I also have our girly friends.

Lots of fun! We saw G.I Joe @ the Glen , the kids are going hog wild at the park.

We are having happiness...

Black Beauty is all better for now..some extended extended warranties are worth having.

bar-b-que,putt putt , swimming, drive in, it's like summer vacation all while being a pirate...hmmmmm

summer is so fleeting

Monday August 10, 2009

Dear Diary,

I met this friend of one of the divers, her name is Kate and she is a pole vaulter!
She is one of my heroes! She said I was one of her heroes! Yay for heroes! yay for being inspired!

Kate took this pix of Fresia and the cast du jour.

sushi or bait

Friday August 7, 2009

My mom is visiting! I believe I saw shadows,maybe blue skies.
I love it when she and Fresia talk about art and "things"
Fresia had a very emotional day, she even let me put my arm around her as we walked home.
When I get slightly crazy, she gets slightly crazy. I need to keep the crazy inside.

We went for sushi, so extravagant !

I have decided that when doing 4 shows a day, hanging by my feet 2x a day is enough I am a-crying about my feet. The f-ing pain is sooo intense that I get stomach aches thinking about it. I am just a very delicate creature.

Maybe those hideous booty things those foreign artistes wear are a good , but really f-ing ugly, idea!

Oh yes Dearest Diary,
I am writing about me , my point of view, for me so when I am not privileged to pike up a web and spin by my face or drive 1,000s of miles and risk life and limb to set up. I can read and say to self ok ...

I realize I can be shallow and write only about my peripheral existence. I do obsess about weight and looks a little much but that is part of me. Speaking of obsessing I am skipping rope in a rather obsessive manner! Nothing makes one feel so fine as a good skip.

also..note to self, I am too blond..ugh..when I am done with piracy I am hitting a salon and spending some scratch

happy feet

Thursday August 6, 2009

Dear Diary,

My captain/manager , our company Captain "Bones" bought me a ped egg to sand away my foot pain.

Today was Nate's first today performing as Cap'n in the show.

I burnt dinner.

Black Beauty is sick again. She is getting her rear end worked on, something like clutch plates and bearings and differental things and yipee for that extended warranty

pirates even play 4 square

Tuesday August 4 ,2009 Dear Diary, Today my Bubbi Doris would have had a birthday..she was amazing..born in Russia lived in China spent most of her life in the New England area..could drive a semi and knit and cook and was an awesome poker player..there is more but only for family and my thoughts. Only 3 shows today !! My feet callous are big and ouchy. After the shows we bar-b-qued and played 4 square. Eggroll came to visit.Saw a show, had a better offer Big Apple and Ringling so had to split

when I get up..

Sunday August 2, 2009

When I wake in the am there is nothing as loverly as a cup-o-joe..3 shots of espresso with heavy cream. Today I decided heavy cream and everything wonderful associated with it was bad for me..bad for my mind..I am weaning myself..I will do 1/2 and 1/2 for a while..I hope to be able to handle whole milk..that is my goal..

Today the tank liner ripped. We lost a ginormous amount of water!! Too much for high diving !! Darn and it was raining too..

I skipped rope like a possessed mad rabid fiend

Tomorrow is another day..the sun came out in my soul..

36 more days of piracy

another day of pillage

Saturday August 1, 2009

Beauteous day..today Zack was "just" a shipmate ..he is always good for shenanigans..lots of improvising.theme and development..har harggh..Zack stresses when he is the high diver.

tomorrow,weather permitting we are going to do lots of under water photographs thru the tank..

tomorrow weather permitting Fresia and I shall get up early for a swim...