the big top crew

set up is pretty quick..if I felt like it I could go site seeing everyday!

I figure my morning drives are glam enough..


big top crew , props and fire marshall

big top fun

surprise," well golly gee whiz we didn't know there was a water line there. I don't reckon there are any more...",said the county guys

muck and thorns

It cracks me up when people argue or debate about the quality of the mud, is it drivable, the horrors etc etc..
I can show you mud baby and this ain't no stinkin mud

mud is when your boots comes off as you are walking

mud is when the only footware you can wear is rubber booots

mud is when you must have a wet rag backstage to clean off the muck

mud is when your trailer is littered with wet towels and clay

mud is when you sink into the footprints of others

Jeremiah and the kids

I loves my wings

except for the obvious elements that are missing from my life..

there is this joyfulness here on this show

amazing positive energy

when things are not the way one thinks is is able to resolve the issues without too much insanity ...

however it is only the beginning of week 5

I blew up yet another square D 20 amp gfi breaker @ 62 $..

tomorrow I go to the electrical store and buy a 20 amp non gfi breaker or a new generator or a real surge protector or all of the above..

I would rather spend the money I don't have on other things..ha ha ha

this is the American way..spending money I don't really have...

enough senseless talk

how much do I love not walking into a building and wondering "how am I going to rig"???

Billy West

lighting and sound man

a fellow tea drinker

Lawrence and Moose

the view

there is so much more to life than the show..
I admire people who live outside the grid.

the dead vines are the edge of a cliff..scary and fabulous

Stan Kenton

Lee Reynolds, musician of the circus persuasion, in the past played with Stan Kenton. cool or what?
but as I write this I remember that I worked with Max Roach so I am cool too !

enough about my coolness, we were near his town so Lee and Nora came by the show.

thank you kind people for this lovely grassy lot next to the Ingalls, whoever you are that let us come to your fair city to entertain you..


I had some broken Scythian articles so I went online and found this amazing rv guy. He met me off the I-40 , diagnosed the hot water heater, came to the lot and fixed a bunch of things in the Scythian!! I give this guy 5 stars!

homage to my palm treo

In 2006 Nina Carden and myself went phone shopping. We were all jazzed about the palm treo, touch screen, internet awesomenessness plus exclamation point.. I am still using this amazing beast of a communication device! I have tried to switch but nothing compares.I even had an iPhone for 3 days!! it was too much!! With my trusty treo I am connected to the world, but not at one with the universe of the Internet every minute of my life. Let me tell you I am not easy on phones, I sit on them, drop them from great heights. The treo, my trusty treo is so there for me!! Palm if you are out there let me be your spokesperson..hook me up with a new device

Miss Katie goat wrangler and circus girl extroadanaire

Hugo the electrician


Miss Elizabeth and a happy customer

front door man Jimmy

getting into the groove

the pieces are fitting together..

all kinds of company

I am not about the particulars of the business of marketing, the numbers, the gate,I am not Billboard. We, the circus, come to town, set up, people come to the show and leave spectacularly happy..ta da

I am not a critic, well that ain't my thing
slang to me is the vernacular of the spoken word

I wonder if this makes any sense?


life is so short, so fleeting we don't really know how short until our friends start slipping through our fingers.I don't like to write about the inevitable.


Derrick Rosaire was a good friend, person, dad, husband, brother,son and poof that's it. he is gone.I can't imagine how Kay and the boys must feel,and the must be like the biggest hole

friends are treasures..

a small sampling

when one is an aerialist, an announcer, an electrician, a mechanic..
one must have the proper foot attire.

I have these friends who shall remain anonymous and they love to rib me about being generally useful and checking transmission fluids and changing tires even though underneath all this mud and oil is my enchantingly princess self

two by two

April 8, 2010

talking snaps is a healthy activity, because while you are "capturing a moment in time" you can throw in some theater, get a new perspective from the mundane or simply step outside one's life and look in...

a pair of treads, a couple of cables, two persons ,father and son, Alex and Martine

Easter Sunday and I am a fabulous electrician

April 4, 2010

Here we are. The tent is set up, my stakes are pounded into the rocky Terra firma.
The Scythian is tidy.I am going to sit under my awning and make lists.

I somehow was able to assemble my contribution to the Easter dinner. I am famous in my circus society for my groovy greens . Today I ventured into the land of sweet potatoes. yeah, yeah any idiot can make sweet potatoes ! BUT what idiot will peel and chop and mash and lovingly fold garlic and an obscene amount of butter into those dirty , sweet delectable spuds? I, it is I..

We set up today, however it is an official day off. Better yet this is a 2 day spot..well 3 because of Easter.

Yesterday was a 1 day 3 show day...during the Rolla Bolla act I ran to my trailer and drank Greek yogurt with day was so action packed it was amazing..It was a good kind of action because as the announcer I get to throw caution to the wind and say insane amazing true statements AND I get to sort of dance and and I can wear wild outfits . Being a ringmaster/host/hostess time consuming and one does use one's brain BUT it is a heck of a lot more fun than climbing on beams and dragging thousands of pounds of cables and ladders all over Timbuktu.

I am having Adventures in the Air believe you me but this is the "Lewis and Clark Circus" we work in a tent. My rigging is the same every day.

One more thing Dear Diary, for every ringmaster who has announced me and said those wonderful words and put up with me..thank you
and all you people who have listened to me and shared your ideas and ways to announce..thank you


very early Saturday the 3rd of April, 2010

goals for today

fix leaky trailer tire

tidy the casa avec wheels

eat fried Matzos , number 1 priority

Bob and Lawrence