Gypsy life

Town 177, day215, shows 408&409.


All night power! I woke at 5:15 and when I went outside I could see all the constellations, I was probably too enthusiastic telling everyone who came in my path to look at the amazing sky. We had a 5:30am call and that is the reason I was up at this very early hour. The sun came up during the drive and I could see the frost from the road. The frost was still on the ground at 7:30am when we arrived. We have 16 shows left.

Bacon !

thank you Jeremiah for making us BLT sandwiches !!!

Reality -somewhere in Ohio

Constant repair

Route 66

Who invented trails? I love trails !

Mentally insane

In South Jacksonville we found the closed down Insane Asylum. Is it even ok to say those words  A state hospital with its own coal and steam power and heat. The governor closed it down and it is empty buildings with a beautiful grounds . They say the daycare is built over the graves of deceased residents. They say all the residents were moved into halfway houses. The buildings they used for "shock therapy" are still there. So strange to think how people were strapped down and their brains and bodies were electrocuted into possibly acceptable behavior.

Mending,architecture and movie stars

We are mending the back door curtain. If we ever find someone to make a new one it will be a Christmas miracle.#duck-tape

Loving Frank Lloyd Wright ! The Dana-Thomas House. So many rooms, 200+ art glass windows. I am inspired!!

Jeannie ! Betty Hutton's stunt double in the greatest show on earth #GSOE

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Trails and moons !!

thank you Jeremiah for not making pancakes !!

 this is a prairie dog !!!

I started October off with a nice 4.5 mile hike. I love walking or hiking, I see and discover this wonderful land.