The path

The other day we were in a little town. Some of the trailers parked outside the circus meadow. We had a path through the woods . This was how it looked walking to the circus tent for some of us.

Walking home on the " path "

This was the view leaving the tent . It had a magical feel for me , walking through a happy bit of woods. Someone put down wooden boards so our feet wouldn't get icky and also to avoid the poison ivy , probably a Moss collaboration .

Joe Abene

Joe Abene 1961-2012 a friend

I am a pretty lucky person, I have met some wonderful people in my life. I have these totally incredible talented brilliant friends that I love and even though I don't see some for many years their gifts or greatness or the things we have shared stay with me and make me a better person !! in spite of myself ! One such friend is Joe Abene of the Bronx. He was a wildlife conservationist. He was brilliant .He knew so much about reptiles . He knew so much about the human condition . He had a life of incredible experiences .He worked at the Bronx Zoo in reptile land .He was a Yankees fan .He was a bodybuilder. In the 1980's he was part of this band "The Unjust", he played bass . They were part of the heavy metal experience.He saved parts of this planet.He was not afraid to go after his dreams and he would take any path, especially the one less traveled .He made me a cool loop of my iron jaw from my little movie thing. He read my blog .I was looking forward to Joe coming to the circus and meeting Marshall and Fresia .It is so terrible when we lose friends .I am really sad that we lost Joe .I am a pretty lucky person that he was my friend .

On fire

Oh yeah baby .. Melting plugs.. Marshall is having all the fun !


we talk amongst ourselves about everything..even the most mundane can become massive when you repeat it every day every day every day for infinity.. today we got to wake up at 5.15 am for a very hilly, beautiful, twisting, scenic, with no shoulders drive . There was a bonus , about 1/2 mile or 5 miles (depending on who you talked to ) section of very narrow road with Jersey barricades !! We all arrived and the lot is tight, the ring is level BUT behind us is rolling mowed lawns with benches and blackberries.. Marshall and Fresia both sat at the kitchen table ( or Fresia's bed, depending on the time of day ) with computers and grim faces... today will be hot , we will sweat.. I am glad we have water

heard and seen...

the things we talk about on the Kelly Miller Circus...everyday as I talk to the public at tent raising I say all we need is a piece of land 380 by 380 feet and a fresh water source and we can make a circus ! (because we bring everything else, even our own 200kw generator and a cook and a school and animals and artistes and big top crew and mechanics and office managers ,etc) welllll today we had /have a beautiful water tanker truck..the animals have water ! the cookhouse and concessions have water !! the sleepers have water !!! there are hoses everywhere..but for some reason the trailers did not get water, now we were warned "there was a water truck" I am curious so I ask my circus family peeps , "what's up ? " I hear many things..only for the water pressure..all true and valid things because we do have tanks and can bring water with us..EXCEPT greedy humans that we are we bathed and washed dishes and cleaned things AND I want some more of that water stuff . I love water ! I am pretty sure I evolved from one of those water mammals, but enough about me. This is my favorite thing I heard from quite a few people about traveling with water , " I don't like to travel with a full tank of water because it is heavy..A full tank , if you are talking 30 gallons weighs 240 pounds, now if you are driving a 10,000 lb truck pulling a 10,000 lb trailer ..ur um I'll take water fresh water , any freaking day of the week, unless of course it is freezing out than I will not haul water/ice..this could have a very unhappy ending..

Pizza Chef at the enticing market

How cunning

Fun groceries

The other day we were in " the town of plenty ". Opulent is my descriptive word for the market . These food things are lemons.


The queen of the snooze

Award winner for dolling up the printer , scanner , copier. Fuzzable , sweet temper and very devoted to her food suppliers.

Parking artistry

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Awning artistry

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child and puppy paws

we are just about 1/2 finished or 1/2 started with the tour.. the honeymoon period is over.. maybe it was always over. spending 2 hours in my truck driving thru small town America every day and only going 50 miles can be taxing and can suck a little bit of life out of me..however once the tent is up and I am all shiny I get a whole lot of life and love infused back into my soul. somedays Fresia tells me this is the best life she ever had and the next day she is panicking about prom. I need to tell her "everyday is prom night at the circus !" I can't find my real camera..again ! I think Marshall might be happy, he is laughing more than ever.. There will always be someone or something to rain on one's parade . It depends if you care to spend the time to let it waft into your brain . All I can say is, it is good to be quietly happy . Extreme display of happy could make some people angry or sad for the simple reason that they are not at a happy place . It is like bragging about money , weight loss or any good fortune .Best to be quiet...

Practice makes perfect

Carolyn's fuzzy festive llamas are practicing the art of transportation.. Practice, practice,practice

Cupcake <3

The nice fireman of this village thought my coffee mug needed an upgrade . The mug morphed into a wine chalice when finale came around .

How to keep your plugs safe

Sometimes people accidentally drive over your plugs . I applaud this method ! Yay for necessity and mothers and invention .

The big game

Once upon a time we went to a baseball game and John Moss got all gussied up and pitched the show ..

wonderful sponsors

The lovely sponsors opened up the town pool just for us today !! wowie ! how kind and thoughtful and refreshing and everything good. I felt magical and bionic and strong while performing today . It is amazing what a dip in a pool can do for oneself.

please be kind to the food

I shall not cook pasta till it has some kind of nervous breakdown and becomes so soft and mushy that I get very angry. Lettuce or any other salad greens should never be cut. "Swimming in " is a phrase that should be used for life forms enjoying a dip, NOT food and never in any form of oil or a facsimile there of. On that note Steve was most fortunate to have lovely shiskabobs delivered to him personally and of that I am extremely jealous