Dachshund puppies for sale

appetizing young love for sale...we like the short legged , big on personality
dogs..... We got a nice boy dog and then we got a nice girl dog and now we have the most adorable, sweet, puppy breath puppies!!!!
so if anyone out there needs or wants a purebred Dachshund with unusual markings..we are your guy

Forklift artist..

I am not the forklift artist,who shall remain anonymous

what a wild year it has been...different shows..totally different venues..being a freelance aerialist is interesting..I get to experience a gamut of emotions in between jobs.

In conclusion, so far so good.I have had the pleasure of working with my diva sisters on several jobs, the divas are taking over show business!!Who are the Aerial Divas ?? The Aerial Divas are a group of professional aerialists who are dazzling in many aerial disciplines and are able to shine as soloists and work fabulous in ensembles.

My last venue was a tent and I did have aerial rigging adventures!! However I didn't get mildly hysterical or even take photos of my aerial rigging!! What is to become of me? When the truss was on the ground I choked 2- 4 foot spansets on the truss , I shackled them to my light weight crane bare that had guy lines and my web attached( I kept my web in a bag). The big top crew attached the tent to the truss. As the tent was being pulled up I ran under the tent and hooked up my trapeze! ta da, all that was left was pounding 4 stakes, adding beckets and ratchets and guying out my rigging!! For my fabric I swapped out with Carmen , she let me use her pulley. At intermission we dropped her lyra and hooked up my fabric.

Tear down had a little bit of work for me.. I climbed to the tippity top of my web ,unhooked my trapeze clipped it on my belt and slid down my web.The rest of my rigging came down with the tent, the man pulled my stakes out with the fork lift. that was that!!

My roots are out of control!!

Stephanie and self . I asked her not to look so tall and so thin.

Uprights designed by Trevor Boswell

I am working at a music festival with Bindlestiff Circus in Columbia, MD.
I am using their beautiful rigging!! Today was a set up day, it was great and easy. Rock concerts have food /chefs. Dinner was delightful!!!!
The place is called the Merriweather Pavillion. The event is Virgin Mobil Free Fest. Lots of great bands and happenings! Tomorrow should be a groovy day!!

Champlain Valley Fair

Bad puppy

Holding a baby and trying to take a photo on a 116 foot ferris wheel ..

Ferris wheel

Only in Vermont

How fabulous

I have had too much adventure. Storms and rain and trees uprooting and falling on the interstate, roads crumbling, puppy love and wild puppies... The front of the Scythian is cracked... I can't get home soon enough.
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