Valerian Jaw

Another cold day for us . The generator is running all night . We all want to practice our aerial skills but it is too cold . The ground is covered with frost when we wake up . We have started a Game of Thrones night . We drink wine and eat perfect snacks .

I live for Magnolia's

Today the 19th of April , town 52, day 73 and shows 146 & 147
 I am thrilled that Joanne W had the time to make me this pretty and form fitting coat ! Ordering tailored garments online is not too easy .

I have been looking for Magnolia's for the last month  . I was so warmed to the core when I spied these beauties !!

Red Buds or Red Blossoms, April 15, 2015

These pretty blossoms pepper the landscape in southern Illinois and Missouri . We crossed the Mississippi River the other day , This is always a momentus occasion to me .
We have done 137 shows already ,we have visited and set up in 49 towns, we have been out for 69 days . We have done 4 open air shows and 1 building in addition to the normal 44 set ups .
I finally wrangled a ticket for Marshall to visit !!

Waiting April 9, 2015

This is most of us, we are parked on the shiny, brown, slippery road . We are waiting for someone to find us an alternate lot . I guess we can thank the rain, the baseball size hail for our thrice weekly delay. Mud didn't use to be such a deal . We used a couple of elephants . We don't do that elephant pulling stuff anymore . It wouldn't help anyway because many of the grounds are so bogged we would sink to infinity and beyond.