only suckers get tired

Saturday February 28, 2009
Only suckers get tired and only suckers pay agents that they do not have contracts with. Suckers pay $3 for a balloon! Why because it's more than a balloon it's a piece of the circus that they can take home with them.
Today Dallas did Miss Congeniality on the pony ramp,major 5 point face landing, then one of her dogs ran into the ring early and left something for all to smear, then Jimbo pushed open the door with his shovel and got manure all over the handle which Dallas then grabbed( who checks door knobs for manure?)WOW ,I have bad moments too
While performing my fabric act I decided to straddle climb the hard , cool way.. (Meg and Nina will be so proud) As long as I am skipping around in a costume, I won't take the easy way out!! It will never be said I took a nap in the air.
Catia wiped out on the ice, I wiped out pretty good Friday morning ..there was 1 tiny square on my step..ugh.Desire says she wipes out on the ice all the time.Maybe I should start wearing my ice skates
We did pretty good on this 2 day stand.
I used the ladder-o-death for set up and the building guy thought it was so great he is going to copy it instead of renting a lift. I did not invent it .It is Vlastic Vallas creation.

the windy city

Friday February 27, 2009
Today a bunch of women from the show went to Chicago, it was very windy and cold. It was great to look at the Louis Sullivan type archictecture.
We walked by the Old Medina Shrine Temple which is now a Bloomingdales.I believe that was my first shrine date in 1990.It was 17 or 18 days long or maybe 3 weeks..WOW , there is nothing like that now.I mean one date for almost a month. We parked on Navy Pier and it was chilly!!
Of course we got stuck in a little traffic,but made it back just in time for the shows.
I felt very bionic performing, it was amazing.I try not to act like I am having too much fun working because that is creepy and weird, I really can't stomach watching people who look like ,"this is sooo great whee I am having so much fun". I also try and do my best "Cher" smile cuz otherwise I look creepy and weird!!
My water is still frozen in the trailer so I have to heat up water on the stove for bathing and dishes. Personally too camping out for me.
I am totally addicted to tea. I drink all kinds of tea all day long. My favorite is Japanese green tea.
We are experiening a "2 day stand " sheer luxury..I will sleep till I wake up!


Thursday February 26, 2009
Take a ladder, lean it against a wall, push the ceiling metal out of the way, pull yourself up on the beam, squatting in a wide second position totally turned out and sort of wrapped around the truss maneuver 30 feet, drop pull up rope , instruct Jimbo the prop boss what to hook up, while sitting on ouchy beam in a hunchy squatty position pull up rigging ,secure rigging to beam, pull up camera just for fun take a pix or two, maneuver back to ladder, lower down to ladder, climb down ladder , brag about accomplishments!!unhook truck from trailer, get in truck , drive to bank, put in money, I spy a home depot..stop/shop, I spy a Burlington coat factory,,stop/shop..Delilah and I helped each other shop.What are friends for ??? I spy a Starbucks.. quad espresso with steamed 1/2 & 1/2..oh yeah baby..,back to lot, hook up truck, get some water, model one of my new coats..
The work of an aerialist is never done.


Wednesday February 25, 2009
I used to think tattoos were for other people until I started seeing them.I found this magazine and read about Japanese tattoos,irezumi.They have this amazing art on a lot of their skin.In Japan they have a lot of festivals for many things and they always pay homage to their different gods.During the Sanja festivals it is cool to display your body art.The rest of the year it is kept covered.
So I have been imagining what kind of tattoo I would get. it is just a fantasy.
Today at this fabulous hair salon where Catia and I had our hair done( I think it is called Salon Blue and everything was blue inside)One of the hair artist had this beautiful work on her arm and she was kind enough to pose for me.This was one of my favorite Aveda hair experiences ever !! First I got my neck massaged, then my hands massaged and then my hair made fab fab fabulousish.
After the hair hair extravaganza I decided I needed a snowmobile suit to stay warm.It would be perfect to slip on over my costume and run to the building! So we went to a big sporty store called "Bass".No suits but some great warm things to buy and wear and I got the cutest pair of waterproof,warm , flexible and darling boots ever made !!!And some very cool super thin undergarments that keep you warm ..
We got back to the lot, I setup on the green extension ladder, blue up some balloons, hooked up my truck,did two shows, tore down..sigh another day..
thinking about my little family.


The building was shaped like a cross.Backstage we had our own wing.Mounted on the ceiling were these excellent heaters. I parked underneath one and dug the warmth.It is kind of funny we all walk around with hoods on.I guess we are hoodies!
I got into my first nasty talk beef with the clown! Last year our beef lasted 2 months.I moved his dish (for tv) it was in the way I couldn't get my dolly and rigging past it.I almost made it.
I think equipment for show trumps personal toys.
Before and after intermission I took some snaps.

field trip

Tuesday February 24, 2009
Today I took a field trip to the Ford dealer to get a cable put on my block heater.
My truck came with a block heater but no cable.The block heater has something to do with keeping the engine oil a liquid or something.I need to plug it in so my engine and oil will stay snuggly and warm. When I got to the Ford Dealer I realised I was starving to death so I walked to Starbucks and got some spinach/feta wrap.I do not recommend this $3.25 food thing tastes just as crappy and plastic as the Dunkin Donut "wrap".Starbucks has a copyright law, no photography in the store. I am very selective about which laws I will break, so I went outside and took a picture of my water.
On my way here I saw a very cool icicle of growing out of the ground.My tribute to patterns in nature and art imitating life.

not you underwear!

My Dear Diary,
Today was action packed ! It was not quite so freezing cold, but cold enough that I realized I need more long undies.I really also needed a new lined pair of working man gloves.And some kosher salt and a heating pad and an electric blankets and some furry slippers. On the way to the town I stopped at Meijer's for a little early morning shopping therapy. So into the store I go. The only gloves I can find are men's large, but they are so warm I decide I can take in the fingers or just sew the tops, kind of take them in. Sometimes I crack myself up ,maybe I can wear two pairs of gloves under them, hmm food for thought.
So they are out of long johns, groan but they have these cute cotton capri looking things called cuddles. I figure they will work !! WRONG when I took them out of the package I said oh great! they are like hot pants but the top part comes up to my chest.Maybe I am wearing them wrong , maybe the crotch is just supposed to be really low.Not a very successful shop.

Dallas and I are both having fat days! So I decide I have to start skipping rope a lot !! I make a huge workout list of tasks I have to do before each act. I think my body is freaking out a) not sweating and b) being so cold I am storing fat to stay warm.
We have a 2 day stand coming up!Near Chicago! YAY .I will hunt down a Bikram studio and sweat and stretch!

Today the building was warm and I worked like a champ, I am over my neurosis and fears. I am confident once again.

the Oscars.. ugh

Sunday February 22, 2009
The Oscars were painful for me to watch.I am glad the Joker won, his character was amazing ..I could almost go to the dark side and be a henchman.I love the way his crazy made sense.I watched it in HDTV and ALL the woman had massive hips and I saw a surprisingly amount of very bad hair.I guess the beautiful people are all an illusion.Note , always stand with your legs together!! esp when on tv and the entire world can see you !!!

Rigging was a killer workout! In the ceiling walking on beams with my headlamp.It was a giant second position squat to get from beam to beam. Dusty and dirty with lots of cobwebs. I couldn't take pictures because my hands were busy pulling my ropse or hanging on to beams.

Super cold this a.m., in and out of my trailer.

10 more weeks of building fun! and then a little rest and it is heaven in the tent.


Saturday February 21, 2009
Today my friend Aerial Emery returned home after an amazing grueling audition week at the National Circus School in Montreal (ENC).She made it !!She pushed her personal envelope and let them see all her potential and charm and delightfulness and the way she can fill up a performing space with her amazing "it" factor.Her skills are everything.Contortion, hula hoops, aerial, dance just once of those people you can't keep your eyes off of when she is performing!!!

Chimp Chat

Dear Diary,

Tonight my friend Pam Rosaire Zoppe will be on Geraldo Rivera chatting about chimps, She works with chimps. Everyone is talking about chimps. Pam's opinions and knowledge of chimps is learned and lived.

My trailer is encased in ice

The drive today was something else, ice and snow and I couldn't find the road and sometimes I slid and bridges do freeze first.When we all were safely at the building I heard
"Yay we all made it" what a relief.
even lovlier
"If I get worms I will shit on your floor"
too precious for words
"If you plug into me I will steal your cigarettes and pee on them" .


we have too much fellowship.I warm up with Paulo the juggler and his little sister Juliet who is a contortionist.
After my fabric act I get to plan the evening activities with Desi/pony girl, Dallas, announcer and dog act and Delilah, foot juggler and comedy mule. I liked the lighting backstage so I said, "photo op". I did my best at trying my Cher smile,except I always crack up and do the big gums smile.
On the way to the bistro we saw a limoosine, it posed!
We drank martinis and ate olives at this trendy bistro and then went to a smoky , loud, karaoke, neighborhood bar.I switched to seltzer and was the designated walker.What can I say I want to feel great when I wake up in the early freezing cold a.m.


The clown and I commiserate on the coldness of it all.We join forces, defrost hoses in this heated alcove loading dock, share a y and hook up water.Like civilize people we discuss what time we will disconnect the water.Life is so much more pleasant without war.

Broadway in Lima

Friday february 20, 2009
It's the big time baby! or not so big.There is some very cool theatre next to us,actually our space du jour has a cool black ceiling and a lift and all kinds of lighting and is very warm.We are also walking distance from lots of fancy bistro type places so maybe after the show we will all be beautiful people and wear fashionable clothes and have a grownup cocktail like a gin martini with 7 olives and extra vermouth.

Not for the squeamish

Hanging upside down by your feet and catching ropes by your feet can take it's toll.
One can not miss a day of soaking ,scrubbing,pumicing, sanding and lotioning one's little piggies. When it is freezing cold it is enough that you are walking around without any pants on.The skin on my feet takes a good beating! However the pain is a happy pain for I am working..doing trapeze and silks and spinning by my teeth for a living.What joy,what rapture.As Trudy Luvas said, "performing is a privledge".How lucky to go through life and to perform live art.


ok so I don't set up because I am an idiot.I think the show truck will be here very soon and I will be in the way and I figured I would piss off the man if I hung up my stuff before he got here.Well I did piss him off because I didn't hang my stuff..groan .Being my own director and never knowing the rules is a drag.
I mean ,uhhhh, well, gee whiz, I just would like to get it right. I hate tiptoeing.
Well now I know, if truck breaks down set up stuff.That's the price you pay when working on a mom and pop show you have to be sensitive and intuitive and a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon.On big shows you never have to think ,just follow the rules or else.

Form follows function

Thursday February 19, 2009
A great architect Louis Sullivan(kind of the inventor of the skyscraper said ,"form follows function".It is so true, that is how I dress "functionally "..layer and then layer some more..some times I do look kind of wild which is why I am keeping my clothing purchases away from reds, purples ,oranges and bright greens.
The reason for all these clothes, it is most windy and freezing, the wind hurts your face.Today we had some snow , a light dusting. The snow curled like tendrils of white fog and turned into ice on the highway!! It looked like bumper cars gone amok going eastbound!Fortunately I was going west! Unfortunately a show truck broke down.Fortunately the rest of us are here and the show is partially set up.Fortunately we have power. Unfortunately my water pump froze.Fortunately we had a candy bar sharing party during the partial set up.Fortunately I made amazing beef soup NOT STEW with a clear broth.Unfortunately this agent keeps calling me wanting his %,he didn't get me this contract or a raise, so I owe him for what ?????Very fortunately I performed what I practiced last night.Unfortunately the building is too low for my coolest drop on silk.Fortunately that is good because maybe I need a major massage because I could be a teensy bit sore.

the best nap ever

Wednesday February 18, 2009
I bought some polar fleece, enough to make a top and bottom sheet ,add a couple of electric heating pads and we are talking the best nap ever!!!
I am so excited about going to bed!!! For less than $20 I have the most snuggly warm sheets on planet earth!
We all got yelled at today because someone is still quitting smoking!!
Twenty circus fans came today, business was booming! We all got a complimentary issue of white tops.
I got some wild eyelashes!
in conclusion a great day!!

Ladder on a box

Wednesday February 18, 2009
Today ,"we" put the green extension ladder on a nice wooden box.
Just for fun I climbed the ladder in yellow rubber clogs,after a few minutes I came to my senses jumped down and threw on my sneaks!
I practiced my revolving split thing and my one foot hang so I don't hate myself beyond belief .If I do these tricks happily in the show..I will be tickled pink! I practiced this stuff for months and years I ain't giving in .

The And/or sisters

February 18, 2009 Wednesday
To be an Andor Sister you have to work in Evansville Indiana at the Thanksgiving Shrine Circus.Paul Kaye the Producer has to put (example) this in your contract
2 aerial acts rings and/or, trapeze and/or, silks and/or cradle and/or web
and/or 1 elephant girl..
There are 3 of us Wendy, Christine and moi...

asshole brothers circus

February 18, 2009
Yesterday I worked on Asshole Brothers Circus.The building was very freezing.The toyman was a jag.The brownies were funky weird.Someone was sick and quitting smoking so we all paid.On the bright side it was Delilah's birthday! bad singing in the party and great cake lots of drinking and telling of tales!! I hooked up my own water so the f-ing clown can't rain on my a little tipsy 12:35 am shower parade !!!
I will sew or turn into a warty if that is not inspiration I don't know what is.

the jacked trapeze -before and after

Tuesday February 17, 2009
It is amazing what some high line red athletic tape will do!! I feel so professional, what a relief~

a new low

more from Feb 16, 2009
I am using my short building trapeze with royal blue polypropylene extensions .A picture is in order, tomorrow dear diary ..tonight I am a sewing fiend..I can't believe I am working on this jacked up thing of a trapeze...I got myself into a tizzy in my tiny brain backstage..After the show when people came up and told me how amazing,I was ..I was sure they were on crack or deranged..I was gracious and said ,"thank you ,you are very kind", I am thinking,"but I am an idiot and I suck!"
The good news is Delilah made gyoza and I got some delivered to my trailer!
On food another cupcake party at the concession stand !! I have been fired as cupcake shopper(actually I quit) .I just ate the frosting and threw my cupcake in the trash, the diet thing..

Red Tart Cherry Juice

Monday February 16, 2009
My great friend Meg Emery is a real aerialist.She stopped performing because she felt like it.She performed amazing strong, dynamic, beautiful,,hard tricks.She is one of my most creative friends.She drinks this cherry stuff,it is supposed to be really good for you and it tastes amazingly tasty.A winner.We always have big times when we hang! Especially when Sean and Marshall join the fray
Today the building is a good height.The ladder-o-death is at full mast.I was a little stressed setting up,I will admit.
After setup the girls and I went a fabric hunting!! success!! I netted a dark maroon duck cloth for my new trapeze cover.It'll do pig, it'll do.
Someone referred to the guy that bangs the drums and the computer operator on a show as "the band".Is there no decency in the circus world today?
It is bad enough there are pedestrians posing as aerialists.An aerialist is one who dances in the air.
To call a computer button pusher a musician, that is like calling me an astrounaut

I mean "a dime a bunch"

Aerialists used to be a "dime a bunch".. I am sure we still are ..but there ain't no more bunches..unless you call people taking a nap on a lyra sickens me to think of the incompetence..what happened?

and then there were none

Sunday February 15, 2009
It has come to my attention that there are no aerialists on KM circus.They used to be a dime a dozen, now an endangered species....
A moment of silence for KM Circus....

more vd

Saturday February 14, 2009
A friend of mine on the show and myself were being all ba humbug about this holiday."It is a holiday for florists!" she said and "chocolate companies", I said.
marshall is home and her beau is elsewhere.. and why are people sending me "happy valentine" texts and emails?Do they want to be my lover? It is for little children and lovers ! not casual friends.
I have a leaky septic tank.I can usually keep it under control BUT last week when we were freeeeezzzzing I did not screw the cover on very well.I didn't know this because everything was frozen.I guess it melted when I was sleeping,because all of a sudden it was empty! I have committed a nasty crime somewhere ..but I didn't know I did it ,till the deed was done?
Is it crime when you finally sell the white and yellow balloons that have been blown up a few times?
Are you less of an artist if you do concessions and your acts?I like that extra scratch.Scratch is good.
I will boycott Walmart to the best of my ability.I was in charge of cupcakes.I bought them at Walmart and they taste like plastic.AND the cashier was a jaggette.
So I am performing my fabric act the first show and it is a low building and some town sucker is videoing me! I am thinking ,"freaking excellent..low building can't do big tricks..please don't post this on any web site.At least I was wearing the reddist lipstick in the world..

happy VD

Saturday February 14,2009
Diesel $1.95/well that makes everything ok! I think the entire planet went into debt because of high oil last few years..I so hate the nonstop gloom and doom talk..listening to "how bad it is" makes me one addresses the issues just the before 9/11 we were an obese overindulgent cocky arrogant nation, we thought we were untouchable..we are still arrogant,now arrogant crybabies!!
Athena gave everyone on the show Valentine chocolate.
today is a cold barn 16'-3" inches to the beam! Easy work easy money..what's the easy part?

Advertising for dancers in a laundrymat seems odd

Death of a trapeze

Friday February 13, 2009
Dearest Diary,
You know what I like about you ? Unconditional acceptance.
Today I was at the laundry and I saw an ad for "dancers?".
My trapeze felt like the ropes were breaking yesterday so I opened up the fabric cover and lo and behold,the rope fibers had had enough.Maybe I need to cut back on the food.
I am sad.I really loved that trapeze,the fabric was the most perfect stuff ever.I have made 4 trapezes in the last year and none were so fine.Today I am using my short building trapeze with extensions.Tomorrow ..field trip,fabric hunting one of my favorite sports.
We are at a YMCA today and there is a sauna! I hope I can get them to leave it on after the show!!
part 2
I did comedy in the show tonight ! I got stuck doing a little 1 and 1/2 !! so I did the usual banter with the audience,my foot came out doing the split revolve thing and I did some flesh melting doing my last drop..I am so f-ing pathetic~~Trapeze was ok on my jury rigged thing..
Dinner was jelly beans,yummy no wine tonight cuz I did a sauna yay yay yay..I feel fabtabulous

the f-ing clown

Thursday February 12, 2009
On this show we have a beautiful stainless steel water tree.We all hook up hoses and have water almost all the time ! Except for today because "the f-ing clown decided to use his hoses instead of show hoses and then unhook the water before the after show shower!! the nerve!! and then he does the ,"I don't understand you deal"..please
We rocked in this town!! it was very good!! The space was so great ! I love a dark theatrical..
and impossible to photograph esp with "work lights " on.
Delilah suggested I wear a wig ,kind of well she said she has this really cool strawberry blond braided wig thing that would look excellent with my hair..I am not a wig person.I pride myself on my locks.I used to wear hairpieces till one came off in a spin..comedy..I wouldn't mind trying a wig but I hate the way wigs don't flow like real hair..I am all about fake, but some things need to be natural and I dig flowing hair..If I was a tada girl in a magic act or rode elephants or was an announcer I might try it but for my aerial stuff ..I don't know...
Dallas had her new very cool australian Shepard do a new trick in her all mutt so damn cool dog act!! She is a happy camper !
Cool quotes from undisclosed sources on this show
"where's my cup", "smell my ass ","your ass"," I saw you blow the turn","wellllllll?","arrrr,brrrrrrr","the toy man is a building man" ,gOD! dammmmm It","ya nummy","jahhhhh" ,"whaddya goofy?","SALTINES!!!"

A Pair of Shoes

Thursday February 12, 2009
James Lipton wrote a very fine book.It is called "An Exaltation of Larks".It gives names to all sorts of grouping.A pride of lions,litter of kittens,, pratfall of clowns, a whine of clarinetists, a goring of butchers, a dignity of canons...I am going to buy a lot of copies and have it on hand for birthday gifts.
Today I had a tea party and a shoe exhibit!
The building requires the ladder-o-death.It is a nice big warm building.The ceiling is dark with lots of interesting elements! I can't wait to set up !

My rules

Wednesday February 11, 2009

I believe if you are a performer you never say things like, "I am so out of shape"
how weak and pathetic! I read this on this "first of may type " blog.How dare someone say they are a physical performer that gets paid and admits being weak!! What a joke!!
Desire eats hot fries and drinks coca cola!! so tasty ..anyways keeps her trim and happy(but maybe not very nutritious)
Today Desi put wings on the ponies..and she wears wings..darling
Town had a blackout,high winds (60 mph) and tornado sirens..good times ???
State of emergency..again!!!
A great snack ..artichoke hearts in water!! fat free ,low cal and some nutritional goodies and most important oishi!!(that means tasty in Japanese)
Bohemian Highway- Cabernet Savignon ,an excellent wine,easy on the wallet!!)

Captains log

Wednesday February 11, 2009,
We are in a very small, kind of junky town!!So small that the two stores I went in did not have lithium batteries !!!!
I knew I should have stopped at that huge mecca of a shopping paradise!!
I saw a Meijer, pronounced Meyer, I like to say Myger, that is entertaining for me.
Anywho Meijer is a great place to shop, food clothes, eye doctor sometimes, banks..maybe even a gynecologist..The ultimate one stop shopping.It is an Ohio,Michigan store.
Here in the town du jour we have IGA (igga) and Do it Best..Family Dollar..slim pickins...I might have to unhook..BECAUSE today the ceiling is 15-3".We are talking the last resort..I believe I will use my swing set..groan or yay..I got to take pix!!!
The hardware store where I bought some new gloves gave me samples of Udderly Smooth Udder Cream!! It has a pain go away element and lanolin in it and made my hands feel great !!!I guess it is udderly that was predictable.
Yesterday the shows went well, the public really dug the show.Maybe they don't get out much,maybe it is entertaining,maybe it is just right for the little venues and towns.Not too long,not too smelly,not too loud.I do wish we had some big cool animals and a live band ! ha

The Horrors of it all

Tuesday February 10, 2009
Camera batteries depleted!No new pictures sniff sniff. I don't want to unhook today and drive to town.I want to set up , take a nap, sew my little heart out and then get the trailer to 1,000 f and do some hottie yoga. If I ever open up a yoga studio that is what I will call it "hottie Yoga", Kind of tongue in cheek.A circus date I sometimes do is the Evansviile Shrine Circus aka The "Hadi" Shrine Circus.In the dressing room a couple of years ago ,I said ,"hey ,we are the hottie shrine circus!we all peed our pants laughing ! and some of us call each other "circus hotties".
sooooooooooo hot hottie hadi yoga,,ha ha ha. If it wasn't for me entertaining myself I would have to buy a tv!
Foody note.Honeycrisp apples are my new favorite apple.

A Happy Ending

I heard a happy ending has different meanings.I really enjoyed climbing my scaffold du jour. Desire took photos of teardown.While we were waiting for the floor to be cleared,we practiced walking.Walking as in performance walking.Desire's dad was an amazing contortionist.Her mom amazing all around ta da girl.Desi grew up in Italy ,has worked on the show but has never performed.This year she is presenting a little pony libery act.She is really committed to talking great care of the animals and working on all the elements of the performance.She is very petite and works in wings.I think it is very appealing and spritely.but what do I know..
Note to self..take pix of Desi working tomorrow