fashion and rituals

Monday July 27, 2007

I have found in my experience as a performer that your costume is more than just a fashion statement. A costume becomes a security blanket in a strange way...
All performers have different garments that help us do the deal. Fire divers have special clothes to keep them safe. A pair of pants is so much more than a pair of pants as they carry you thru the air when you dive 70 feet into a 10 foot tank.

Josh,the captain, has several pairs of pants and they have been re sewn and hemmed and are his, only his,he hoards them in a sensible sort of way. He will only wear the white and gold shirts with the blue vest, when he is Billy he throws caution to the wind and wears a funky old striped shirt with the sleeves cut off.

Amy has special blue and red sashes that have to go around her waist three times and she must always wear a bright bandanna and even though she is going to be soaking wet for 20 minutes, she loves her dry skirt and suit to start her shows.It is a good day when there is tanning and reading in between shows and she has run 7 miles..

I have to have everything dry and my skirt has to be red and I have to skip rope and do 3 back bends and 3 sets of splits and do this yoga thing.Today was a blast in between shows I put up my hair and swam around the tank.I laid on a towel,enjoyed the sun and ate.

Zatch does this major intense stretching ritual and has to have long sleeves when he is the high diver and ties a green sash under his butt to keep his pants from falling off,he also has one pair of sacred pants, they have a special blue crotch.

Ian as captain has his special pants,they are identified with the different color threads from fixing. when he is Billy he sports a vest and matching sash and bandanna, he is a very matchy matchy person...

Nate's pants were just cut a comfortable length he sometimes wear a vest sometimes a striped shirt..he is a rookie and finding his niche. He is actually technically an amazing diver.

Bones our cast captain must wear under armour and this special pair of pants that are 3 years old..He has one shirt he favors..this years model with the sleeves cut off

Kelly like to have someone tie her vest just so and tends to blue colors.She loves her wet suit.

trapeze 2006

my 6 minute act in 4 minutes!! I cut a trick or two and some swinging.

tight hips

this stretch is awesome and makes my tight hips feel delicious once I get past the pain

playing in the car!

Friday July 24, 2009

On the way to eat some wings last Monday Fresia found this pillow neck thing in Amy's car. I am very shallow, we are all so funny looking ..everyone looks good in bright pink

pirates even drink liquor

Wednesday July 22, 2009

actually pirates especially drink liquor ! they like rum and whiskey and red wine- stuff like that!!I love Mohans ,a most excellent wine smorgasbord and tasty beverages shop.

This part of the country is big on horse back riding, horse racing, wild west shows, horse diving etc etc etc...
I saw this cool mirrored horse statue and decided it was worthy

Today was a pretty intense show day, lots of missteps and missflips kind of scary...not scary for me personally ..diving is intense..the divers have to climb these painful ladders ,just hard doing 4 shows..HOWEVER to amuse myself I have been dancing as much as possible on stage..I will have a very nice matter where I am..AND showbiz is suppose to be rewarding..enough chit chat..time for lizards and lice.arrgh!!

new card

Sunday July 19, 2009

The booze cruise was a blast. We danced!!! I loves dancin, I do, I do!!

We went to the top deck and spit over the railing and watched it splash!!

We got some cool rum t-shirts!! and tatoos!!
Fresia knows all the words to "I will Survive" ha ha!

I got a new card from photog extroadanaire Lori Ballard
Trying to get Fresia to pose in a pix with me is like getting a sleepy 10 year old to brush

lazy river

Saturday July 18, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today was a good day for water sports, so in between shows 2 and 3 Fresia and self went for a float/swim in the lazy river.

Zatch is 24. We are all going to bar-b-que and maybe go on a booze cruise...

Amy fried her face doing her burn.


Thursday July 16, 2009

hmmmm..what can I say..ok I admit it 4 shows a day is 1 show too many...well maybe 2 shows .

I had to dog paddle in the tank today, briefly searching for refreshing..I have never drank this much water in my life

summer is starting any day now I can sense it!

sun in

Tuesday July 14, 2009


SUN IN is awesome stuff..Way to save some scratch!
1)product is hanging out backstage
2No time consuming $$$$$ out, salon visit
3)spray on roots, do some shows annnnd

ta da- blond all over

Max Factor was a genius.note to self reread Max's story..

Panstick is ama-fing-zing!!..unfortunately Americans,(USA)are not buying this product- come September 2009 it will be shipped off to England. I am stocking up!

We are now doing 4 shows every day..every day is the peak no valley..I am really into my hot bath with Epsom salts..As long as I do splits and back bends and skip rope and jumping jacks all day long I feel splendid..If I stop moving and sit in between shows..ugh ugh ugh..

back in the saddle

Monday July 13, 2009

Fresia is 98.6f. I ,also, am feeling more perfect in every way.Another beautiful pirate 4 show day at the Jolly Roger..

Grabbed retro Bugs for a photo op

pirates even get bored

Sunday July 12, 2009

Dear Diary,

The beautiful little Miss Fresia is fighting a hoo.She has perfected the not taking my medicine stall...

Us dirty pirates got a little bored .

For the 1st show we did this flip flop silly thing during shenanigans...the day got more festive.I sported pig tails and doo rags, Zach put a mop on his head and then filled his wet suit with hot water. Ian did a Michael Jackson tribute in his "get down" dance section.
For the f4th show we hit the candy store, yup jelly belly abuse.The guys are bouncing the beans off the walls doing pirouettes and mouth catching ..oi. I made a bra and a headpiece out of some sword handles...maybe I should get some books

pirates even fry chicken

Saturday July 11, 2009

Dear Diary,

Zach thought it would be an excellent idea if we made some fried chicken.

We pooled our resources merged three recipes and ta-dargggh.Zach's recipe,Amy's technique,I suggested hot sauce in the egg wash.

more circus fun

Thursday July 9, 2009

The circus is extremely fun and wonderful and everything nice when you go without circus for a couple of months...

My cabana boys,Ruby 3.0 and self went to Km Circus to have a big time.Fresia was already there having spent the night!

The high diving pirates had good times, happy times, fun times.

The tigers are quite very wonderful and someone who shall not be named should be very proud and honored that some of their great work and tutelage is being carried on by this young buck tiger dude at the mighty KM Circus..and and and the tigers are golden or orange colored .I made a mental note because I don't usually notice such things...There are 5 of them.

The clowns are very marvelous and funny and cute and everything a clown should be AND they were so cool and it was fun for the clowns and divers to exchange tales and war stories and the ways things are the land of physical comedy

Fresia played with her circus girlyfriends.

I visited more with my wonderful friends ,my friends that I so miss hanging with and so wish we could work on the same show and I don't need to go on and on

Nat doggies are darling and she is sooooo perfectly "Laura"

We had yet another splendid bar-b-cue..

oh yes I am back!! back to work! back to being shipmate Ruby

happy times

Wednesday July 8, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today my very good friends from Kelly Miller Circus came to visit the park.
they had a day off !!!
We had great fellowship, they rode rides and enjoyed the park.
there was some good laughing

happily ever after

Monday July 6, 2009

I got a note from the doc and a warning,if I get smashed in the face my nose will brake again!!be careful ok ok ok no crazy stuff !!

Tonight we went to see Aerial in Circus Smirkus! the show is called "once upon a time ,happily ever after!!

Aerial just oozes charismatic wonderfulness out of every pore of her being!

The show and the kids were darling there was sooo much talent AND there was a happy ending! I love a happy ending..I cried and didn't ruin my makeup!!

The thing I realized was how incredible music can carry a show..the music and sound effects were the best I have heard in a while.Only keyboards and drums,but it was truly accompanied. I have faith in showbiz.