The amazing Sladek

A stressful hair day. I treated the amazing Sladek to some hair beautification . Talk about some crazy, it took 3 times and ... The color is pretty cool but I have never been so freaked out at a beauty salon. 'nuff said


Tommy the elephant man and the Zach Hawley high diver and visitor

Mountains of snow

Music chick


Meltdown in mud

Being an electrician in the very cold and muddy is very unglamorous, the tundra is a challenge to negotiate...fortunately the dressing room is delightful and the venue is in a building...I am only camping out in my trailer in a most civilized manor, except for the leaky water part.

mosaic of circus art on the building

Lee Reynolds

Keyboard player extra great!

Dressing room

I will admit that not having to negotiate the frozen tundra, the mud and being able to move on a level surface in climate controlled environments is absolutely wonderful and glorious


15 pieces

Leaky y

Circus no no

Only fools talk about the weather

Left Arkeensaw and it was 65 degrees stopped to catch some zzz in Salina, Kansas and it is a wonderful, slushy wonderland . My cute shoes got soggy.

Showbiz personalities

Discussing the finer points of things


Black Beauty was pulling to the right and my tires started to wear funny, this man Bubba is an alignment artist..nothing like hanging out at the service place and getting Cajun recipes and telling tales...

sometimes I take 4 spaces

The male brindle

Picasso in his new home with Peanut