Flames for the human volcano

I sew therefore I am.

Selfie with a round bale of hay

And this is how we make a carpet of hay for the floor.

Mud show in Kingston, OK @rodeogrounds

I have been a little busy what with only 1 day of rehearsal and a new season and mud and a new title to my list of things one does . I am ringmaster/performance director !!! You realize how incredible people are when you are seeing the big picture. Oh yeah, everyone on planet earth !!!! Tavana Brown is the general manager of The Kelly Miller Circus !!! Wendy Bell is dance captain !! Aerialists are taking over the world . There is more to tell about the big show but the public is waiting .

I love Showbiz

Running and stretching in Los. Angeles and Santa Barbara in February 2016

Winter in Srq and beyond. , post date January 23rd ish

Circus celebrity night @thehistoricasolotheater with Don Covington and Marshall and many friends ! We celebrated Hertz Klauser Cuneo . she is known as Goldilocks and her bears . what an amazing woman, what an amazing evening.
A little wind makes for yard work srq style