I don't have to look , I have to see

Star date September 27 , 2013.This morning we had the luxury of sleeping ,  we traveled last night . In the am we made our stove top espresso, Marshall walked the dogs and I shuffled Fresia into our bed because I wanted to make her bed into the dinette so we could sit and have coffee all civilized . I put my silver coffee chalice on the white slightly beat up Formica table .Marshall opened the door and it was magical ! Light and shiny stuff  makes great visuals , just like a sparkly circus costume with good lighting. Even the black duck tape that is holding the Formica down makes sense . I love how the coffee steam is blue tendrils on the bottom image .

Ode to Joy

A big day for the  Catholic Church on Kelly Miller Circus .We had Baptisms and first communions and confirmations all in the tent . Father Jerry Hogan flew in from Boston , always a joy to see this guy !! Sister Bernard and Sister Dorothy have been working with the people who practice . I really know very little about Catholicism , being Jewish , but I have friends of all religions and I was there in friendship cheering them on and taking photos !!
Of course us huge hams had to do a selfie type snapshot before the festivities began .
The event began with a procession and Marshall playing solo " Ode to Joy" on his getzen trumpet ! He sounded so clear and beautiful..
I am leaving out names because I am..it is their experience.. I am just sharing a little tidbit or two and some bad photos



the Rebeccas

after I total a truck there is nothing like some yoga to straighten out my mind and body .Fortunately Rebecca had planned a private yoga class.


we got to hang out with Nina while in the Chicago area. Meg, Rebecca and Nina and Aerial and Sean..always wonderful to see friends that are not part of your everyday life 

please look both ways

The most dangerous thing I do is drive . I am a safe driver , ask my insurance company . I even took a safe driving class to get a little break on my insurance . You can't be careful enough . The other day dear as I was driving..ok so I am driving , only 35 mph on a little curvy road . A person in a small gray rice burner vehicle pulled out , from the side street that had a stop sign, in front of me . They pulled out so close. The whole series of events is so fast and horrid . You turn the wheel away from them because you know your truck will kill them , you apply brakes..you think you can avoid this nightmare but the little gray rice burner doesn't stop. So you do what you have to do to avoid impact and then the crazy happens ..your truck takes over..it starts to slide and twist and turn and it is out of control and finally BAM something stops you and it is like an earthquake and the trailer slides around the truck for another BAM and you jump out of the truck !, glass is everywhere ,there is bent metal and the radio is on a hissing channel, some kind people come out of there home to ask if you are ok and do you need anything..you say you just need to walk around and call your family and your people who can make it better AND THEN you go around and you see the little gray car and they are in the middle of the road by the yellow line and they are fine and they drive away . You go into your truck and you look for your things .You find your purse and your phone and you see your coffee cup is ok in the cup holder and there are papers and a mess everywhere . The cops come lickity split they are very organized and get a wrecker or 2 or 3 . I call Marshall and Danny and Fridman and soon the truck and trailer are straightened out and Oscar takes me to the lot and I am glad it is a day off . I say I am sorry and Oscar says ,"everyday on your tent raising tour you say "we are over 300 tires going down the highway , sometimes things happen "..things happen.."

We arrive at the lot and Alex and Tavo park the truck like it is a normal day and then these amazing people start to fix things .

Marshall has some fabulous coffee and Tavana comes over and there is hugging and maybe I cried a couple of crocodile tears .

My friends on the circus ask me of my well being and we joke about a few things .

Before I know it my friend Rebecca shows up and whisks me to Chicago ..I take a long hot shower at her fun house, we have a little nosh and then go to some amazing yoga place and have a private perfect yoga class.

We finish the day by meeting up with Marshall , Fresia , the North's, Gene and the Rice's at the Midnight Circus..a fun sweet distraction to my morning .

We drove back to the circus I make some pasta and crawl into bed by 9.

What a day .

Wrecker love

truck 2102


" if I learned anything this year , I learned how to juggle "


Air conditioner repair in the rain .


On my very first circus I met my friend Meg . We have stayed friends all these years .
 Meg and Sean came to Chicago to be with their daughter Aerial and watch her perform in the Midnight Circus .This was bonus because we got a visit as well . Well Marshall didn't get a big visit with Sean ­because he didn't want to interrupt the Clown bonding session. I have decided that it is a hard knock life on the BIG SHOW because those clowns have very deep painful wounds and must talk , kind of like group therapy

through my white wine haze I remembered I wanted a photo..so I grabbed the camera..Shelby was the photog and Marshall and Fresia were getting ready for beddy bye ..seeing as how we had a 5.30am call .In conclusion when your friends and family come to visit it gives you a shot..and Fresia is furious at me for using the term beddy bye..
from left to right ( me, Book , Meg , Brett , Aerial , Steve and Sean )

tent raising and thank you

 Giving the tent raising tour gives me a satisfying feeling . I enlighten the masses to our way of life , tell them about circus , the history, lots of fun tales...and on this day there was an adorable group of small school children..we just looked at all the animals . I kept it simple . I told them a few facts one hump ,two humps..letter D, letter B ..

Some days if you are a very lucky person you get to see the joy in a person's face when they see an elephant , a zebra , a camel, a llama, or a tiger for the first time .It is pure , a  look of joy and wonderment .
They made this thank you card !


Frank's place

Last year around this time Fresia ,Arwen Danny ,Tavana and I did the walking tour of Frank's architecture...This year we went on the home and studio tour !! We went inside ! I paid $5 extra to take photo's "for personal use only " . I loved so many individual things. I really love the natural light.The quietness and the luxury to experience the outside visually while being sheltered . Architecture is such an important art .The "wright"  space can make or break you .Some fun things he did was to paper the walls with painters canvas and then paint it. I love how he used sawdust in the cement floors to make them soft and kind on the legs.
I believe this is a Louis( form follows function ) Sullivan inspired curved sky light..
The high back chairs in the dining room create a room within a room
 Terra cotta ,old and new
 my favorite space , the butler's pantry. I love the wooden , sloped . grooved board that flows into the sink.
 the light goes through the overhang and naturally lights the bath
I would love to have been a drafter at these tables