Mount Vernon to Krum and back , April 2014

 This photo is especially for my friends in Krum  !! I know they would love to see Mariel and her beautiful baby August and her folks . Our circus circle is a merry go round and  if we are lucky enough we get to jump on and go for a ride sometimes grabbing a friend by the hand and pulling them along .

Abraham Lincoln practiced law here in this courthouse !

Friday April 25 , 2014 . Mt Pulaski , Illinois .
 Skinny lot , we had to do open air , that means no tent ..Good thing it was a perfect sunny day .
There was this very informative couple who insisted on telling me EVERYTHING we had to do in this town . They were a little INTENSE and very demanding . I was glad they told me about the interesting historical facts even if they slightly stretched the truth .
We walked to the town square and went into one of two remaining courthouses that Abe Lincoln practiced law in .The tour guide didn't get a lot of visitors so he was sure glad to see us . I am a magnet  for people who like to spin a yarn . I have this goofy quality of acting all interested ,which I am and people tell me stories . Marshall and the others left me with the guide but I did learn a thing or two .
This is the best thing I learned , in the days of Abe being a lawyer all the lawyers would go to the courthouses of the county seats . This became a time for a fair !! concessions , etc . The lawyers would hang out around the courthouse and the people looking for lawyers would select a lawyer ( based on looks and reputation ) the lawyer would hear their story and plead their case immediately . The townsfolk would fill the courtroom and be entertained . It would last for 2 days - 2 weeks depending on the amount of mischief and what not . The group or gaggle or leap or pride of lawyers would then make their way to the next county seat . Law and Order has been entertaining the masses for a long time .

interesting business in the town square

rip small family business

show lights taking a day off

Aminaa and Zaya basking in the fresh sunny air


I think it is great to have a hobby . I wish I could capture the fun of it all in a photograph , the smooth feeling of gliding , listening to some tunes , getting the hang of the board , being free


Easter Bonnet Festival

Here at Kelly Miller Circus we celebrate Easter . People of the faith go to church . The scheduled activities are an Easter Egg Hunt , Easter dinner at a restaurant ( thank you JRN2 ) ,and  the Easter Bonnet Contest .This year I made 8 cute little bonnets , got a group together and we danced around the tables in the restaurant in our silly hats , we had live music thanks to Zefta's mini wifi boom box , Fresia iPhone and Lamont's song choice !! We won first prize for funniest!! Marshall , Fresia , Tavana , Kyle , Emilie , Lamont , Zefta and moi !! The Easter Bonnet Contest is the finale . We get strangers from the restaurant to judge us . Usually more people partake in the fun .

Jacob , most creative !

                                          the 8


a tired tire

The weather report is showing temps in the 70 degree area for the next 5 days...

O joy !! I believe things will start to dry up ..

The other day we were in a town that has a good tire store . The show does business with many of the same merchants year after year . Danny B , always looking at the tires, mentioned one of our tires was sorry looking.. Marshall and I checked it out and lo and behold , it was very sorry and a miracle we made it to the next town .The deal is one doesn't just get a flat tire there is usually expensive damage that comes along . Electric or Hydraulic lines ,or the tire wraps around the axel or you damage the wheel , maybe the trailer floor or wall gets damaged too . In our defense the exposed tire guts were on the ground and it was holding air . We got our new tire and so far all is well in the rubber department .

blue skies

On my birthday we arrived at the lush , green , soft loft . The ground was such that if we had driven the big semis on it they would have sunk to infinity and beyond . Open air..magical and fresh and delightful because not only was it my birthday but for me A DAY OFF !! Carolyn called me a sorcerer for conjuring up such mischief . I spent the time wisely snapping photos of this and that and mostly the mixed animal act in the open .

A collector's item

 prop crew

Can Can personal

smiling at me

nothing but blue skies

from now on


We are really into " all hands on deck " .  Marie Carmen even joins in the fun in Mountain View .
Someone decided to leave some large roots and brush for us to play with in Mountain Home .
a little light landscaping was added to morning set up

A new town and a happy birthday !!

Mario makes a guest appearance .

new bandwagon -to be continued

The " new and shiny bandwagon " is functional and being used but still has a few more things to finish it up . A warm dry day for painting would be helpful . I wasn't going to share photos of  #in process#almost done , because people can be so judgy... but there was a lot of work and blood , sweat and tears so share I will .

There are 3 sections .The lighting guy is now in the band section , they have a sliding door  so we can't invade their space .

There is a wardrobe holding , crossover section with closets and storage . during travel props and ropes and cables travel in there .

My favorite section is the stretching and private changing area , we have a little electric heater even . There is room for all of us to quick change . This section is for lights , ring curb etc while traveling .

 This is to the best of my knowledge .Danny Brown and Nic Sourens did most of the carpentry and design work I believe ,Fridman Torales and John Moss did most of electrical . Jim R and John N decided it was high time to upgrade .


On March 22 the mighty 1070 band wagon of the Kelly Miller Circus was retired from service . The band wagon housed the band and the lighting guy during the show and like everything circus was multi purpose hauling
" the back door curtain " , heavy cable for lighting , show lights , sound equipment , ring curb , costumes , hang falls and served as a holding area and dressing / stretching area for the performers .

In honor of the people that played music here . Marshall Eckelman trumpet , Mike Harber drums , Lucky Eddy drums , Miss Vicky gets a mention for enduring and running the computer , Alan Thompson drums , Dan Reynolds drums and tuba ? Bill Reynolds trumpet , Chuck Schlarbaum baritone horn /euphonium , Billy Ray King drums , Tom Tomashak Keyboards , Lou and Lou Ann Ives not sure what they played , Wilma and Jack Wrench keyboard/organ and drums , Dewey Welch drums , Clark Weigle euphonium/keyboards , Betty Moran keyboard/organ , Peggy Null keyboard/organ , the Reynolds family as far as oral history goes were the first band in 1984 when the Rawls ran the show but they were in a different trailer . Different musicians would make guest appearances LLoyd Fengal trumpet , April Zink trumpet , Hippity Hop clarinet , Denis Sherman drums , Steve Treader trombone form Kansas City tried it for a week or so but couldn't take sleeper life . Also thank you lighting guys from Kilowatt ot Javier/Francisco and everyone in between .

This is just a homage to a group of people and the " bandwagon " . Thanks for playing..