Fresia the dark fairy..halloween

and then there was one

Well Elise got sick and had to take four days off...on a small show that doesn't always work out..kind of bummed me out..she had so much potential, maybe she is too delicate..not everyone is cut out for this rough and tumble life..she took direction well and is quite lovery in the air..she is young and perhaps doesn't have that passion, that fire, that whatever it is to gottta have some kind of passion

Abby is a lot tougher...she is driven a little different than Elise.. also Elise had a boyfriend..he was very spoiled and lazy and expected things. I think he is a negative influence...hard work is not bad for you. especially when you are young..I am rambling.

The Dykes have their new trailer. YAY for them.


tear down

tear down is so much easier than set uo ...set up sometimes is very brutal..for me..cuz I am a baby ..and well I am a only into a little bit of work work,,I kinda like the sparkly part......

the ok corral

I am hanging out in the Scythian with the kids..we are listening to the Beatles on a IPOd with huge speakers... and dancing and drinking milk and having fun..the Dyke kids are the coolest kids cept for my Fresia and all grown Brooks who I am actually the stepmother of

yesterday JP and Lois and George came to the sweet to see friends from the very wonderful days, well wonderful to me circus days..a toast to Dave Hoover and the real Beatty show and the band, the 8 piece brass band...and a moment of silence for "Tex"

April and moi

April is a great friend , she is one of those very wise 17 year olds....

She and her darling sisters and boyfriend are camping out with us for a while...

I shut the door on Elise's finger....horrible .I don't know how it happened ..I was leaving to do snake pix and running out the door and I shut it and she had her hand in the door...

Many friends came to see the show today !! My diva sis Wendy Bell, Cheeko, Brad Weller, Hub, Jerry,Jen, Jason, Lance, Linda, Tanya..yesterday it was Laren ,Unity, Tommy, Francheska and kiddies.. I can't keep up!

I had many helpers for set up and tear down..awesome..



I don't believe we get up and start driving and think, today is going to be really bad. Today I will roll my trailer..nope we never think all crazy like that.
Sometimes horrible things happen.

a very bad day

Yesterday was ok..rigging was nothing special except it looked awesome and balanced and we hung everything in a tiny space..

I stayed up too late and got up too early.

I drove into a flying j thinking I was going to take care o business and I saw this heinous sign..pretty s--tty if you ask me..


So these guys in this picture Dick Kohlreiser and Gary Sladek have been friends of mine for a long time. I am very happy they are on this show because they are great show guys and great persons and have good manners.

It is not so easy to note down rigging things when the elements in your life are so bizarre.

So bizarre, so weird I can't even write these things down. Jaw dropping things...manners non existent manners..

How about " thanks" ?

When someone does something in a helpful or generous way, well I always say , "Thank you "

well enough of that..who cares anyways..

so this here building has beams at 27-26 feet at the peak.Pretty low , but not too hard! I scored a big lift and we dead hung the trapezes first thing in the am! Miss G was hung kind of low, always a bummer BUT her rigger was rushed! I was rushed too but I snagged the proper span sets. The main building guy was not too cool on letting me use the lift for the other 7 points.So we resorted to an extension ladder on a table. OH YIPPEE !!!!!! I got to be the bottom guy, it wasn't too horrible. Tear down will be ok. I have to the climb up my web and undo the spansets while hanging on the web thing, groan.

This is town four. Our first building, town one was high beams very close to the ceiling. I made a tennis ball, filled it with weights tied on heavy fishing line and got the pitchers on the show to throw it over the beams..A very brutal long day.

Towns two and three outside with the poles, three sets of poles !!! A lot of aerial stuff. I can blame myself for that insanity , however it does look amazing!!

The show is carrying my uprights so I don't live with rigging on my floor. That makes me happy.

no flies on me

this should keep the flies at a on the rodeo circuit

What aerialists, pirate divas do with old fishnets and duck tape

give Abby credit for this contraption

first of may

circus life is not for everyone...some are drawn by thier love for performing or animals or just the sheer adventureness of it.....

I forget about all the things you have to do to enjoy and have circus adventures.
To life in the Scythian, to travel from town to town...
The rigging of aerial stuff... I just take all this stuff for granted..

The girls are first of mays in the circus..they have no clue about "life on the road, in a trailer , in the circus" my mission is to educate them..without freaking out

yesterday Abby helped me hook up water is not as easy as it seems..nothing is

AND she got power all by herself !!!!! double yay

today I coached the women on the finer points of web, I love being on the ground teaching capable people. I am excited to watch them work today!

am I a broken record

no shoes in the trailer please....Being nice and helpful really has no rewards...

hmmm..oh well that's what I get..

maybe I am bitchy...oh wellllllllllllllllll

maybe I need a list of rules ???????????????????????
"I had to drive 180 miles to get you to write something on your goddamn blog!!"

siesta beach

Thursday October 15, 2009

Siesta Beach is amazing

what's a diva?

Tuesday 8.30ish eastern time zone

Sunday night we tore down and started driving around 11pm central time.

The drive was really fun we had laughing fits and vowed next time to get a driver and stop for a room!! Except for the no sleeping ,the same clothes for many hours and my huge stomach ache it wasn't too sucky.When I drive I can't eat, it makes me sick..all that sitting..

When we arrived in the south we were all amazed at the thick heavy humid air. Dressed in pants and sweaters made it all the more fun..I lived in a really thin camisole black top and unsnapped my pants ...I pulled into my driveway at 2.30 am.Tuesday. I felt almost pukey I was so tired.. I did some laundry took a shower kissed my loved ones and was woken up at 6.45, " mom, can I have the day off from school?"

"of course honey", I said, "but no tv"


Divas even take naps

sleeping beauty and friends

hot yoga in Tulsa! yeah

Saturday October 10, 2009

Today I took the divamobile and found and did some Bikram yoga!!

It was so wonderful to sweat for 1.75 hours.

I feel very wonderful..

I think I messed up the coffee pot in the room..oops it needs surgery.I had 2 coffee-tastrophies...

divas gone wild

mother and child

another , "how do I book you guys ?"

wow !! we must be really fabulous!! we are getting inquiries left ,right and sideways!!

we are cracking up about our name and the questions people ask us

note to self , when you live in a hotel you need things like olive oil, balsamic vin, a knife, a microwave egg poacher, a bowl,a corkscrew...and a real coffee/tea mug

butter, mayo, salt and pepper just exist out there in fat food land..hardy har har I made a funny food aka fat food land

I am in a dilema..I love my golden blond locks but some of the divas think I should wear a wig thingy...I guess I would if I could find something with a few wild colors

our ground crew is very darling

lost child

during the last show Fang Puppy escapes from his crate ,walked out of the dressing room and started to run/stroll around the building !!! Security nabbed him and called Laura,her phone number is on his collar.There was a happy ending!Before he was found we all ran around the building looking for F.P. aka Little Lord Fauntleroy. Once again tragedy averted. I went with the story that he was looking for her, dogs do have a great snoz and great hearing AND she was singing...and well he is a dog

the players

after our very fine day of shows we went for wine tasting..local wines..
fyi ..I have tasted better
however we got comped a bunch because we are rather fabulous
after a big day I play with my Dell "in bed"
Nathan and Lynn
Amanda trying on a truck , a Kenworth

aerial divas

yup , that is the name of our show !!!

green room , check

dressing room, check

bottled water, check

bath tub, check

wifi, check

1 minute walk to venue, check

my driving

so we all drove, we took turns, this is a brilliant way to travel!!when one is not driving they snooze in the back seat..
I have not driven a stick in a couple of years.. I am a shitty driver in small vehicles.. I managed to drive over a sidewalk curb thing and kind of got stuck...we are still laughing about it !! I also forgot the clutch is on the left and the brake is in the middle..we are cracking about about that!! I got my chops back and can shift like Ricky Bobby because I am a driver..yup I drive

1275 miles in 23 hours

Monday 2am October 5, 2009

We left Florida at 7.30 pm on Saturday, arrived in Tulsa at 6pm Sunday. We checked into our room and played with some rigging at 10 pm we went to the building, we started set up at 11pm and finished by 1.30 am. I wonder if this is considered a long day?