sand angels

Winter in Sarasota is action packed . Winter in Sarasota is joyful and sad . Honoring those we have lost in the circus and Sarasota community . Visiting with friends from near and far .

Yoga on the beach ; the best beach in the world , fire pit , cooking with friends , practicing with friends , playing house and generally being thankful for all the good and sucking it up for the not so good .

in the wings

Sarasota , Florida is a great town . My husband's eloquent father in law Johnny Herriott once said
70 % of all circus people in the USA lived in a 75 mile radius of the Sarasota area .
Well actually he is not my husband's father in law because my husband is married to a different person ( ME ) but in the circus everyone is related in a blood , or married or ex married or living with someone or part of a troupe or dilllusionally related .
Maybe demographics have changed . I am talking traditional circus . I am talking about the  REAL circus . The circus that has lions , tigers , bears , elephants , horses . The circus that is worth fighting for .

I am really trying to write about one of the many civic/circus events that happens in Sarasota and that is the  " Show Folks Circus " . This is a show that raises money for the  " Show Folks Club " .

It is a very fun show to perform in because you have the most intense audience . I love going to the show as an audience member because you get to catch up with everyone !

This year I performed my trapeze act . WOW !! What fun ..I made new friends and did one of my favorite things , trapeze and teeth spinning and ta da ing etc etc .

The other most favorite thing after the big show is going to the " Show Folks Club " and playing with friends , catching up with friends and finding out who did what and when and with who .

There is something about being backstage and  in the wings . I don't know if it the smells of rosin , dust , curtains , sweat , animals or what but it is something so comforting . I guess that is why in the old vaudeville days old performers worked the back door curtains . You just like those showbiz smells .

                                    In the wings

                                comparing sizes

                               Elena and Sasha

                                Phil ,Vincent , Natalia and Louie

                                            Me and Dale !
                                          at the club
                                         Grumpy and Sluggo

                                          aerialists who work together are kind of like sisters for life