Renzo interviewing Marshall. Sarah aka aerialist and school teacher had the children interview different adults for a school project. The children each had at least 10 questions per adult, every child had 1 adult. It is amazing what you can learn by asking questions. The purpose of the exercise was some kind of enlightenment, no seriously..I believe it was to give the children different points of views on life, choices etc

iphone and rice

iphone does a swan dive into a the doggies water dish. tire blows out into trailer !! see a dead 4 foot long snake with it's guts exploding everywhere.. Cookie gets a wretched bingle. my saying on performing "Every day is a new day - a first time, a last time, and the best time.” another day , another town.. my iphone sleeps in a baggy with brown rice, maybe tomorrow it will work. tomorrow is another day

Hair by Clay

my little princess gets such cool hair ideas . She is very lucky we have a friend named Clay aka Gypsy Red who happened to come for a visit and made her vision a reality..
Clay is amazing..many talents..plate spinning in the major leagues

captain crunch

I am glad it wasn't me that smashed into the office trailer that very cold and rainy Saturday . The poor ticket sellers had to freeze their patooties off under a sad little tent to sell tickets. The windows couldn't open because of the "ding" . I have smashed into a few things in my time..I am on good behavior as of now .

more jock straps

without this artistic configuration we would have madness after the drive

Eggs and Clover

How do I like my Clover ? Purple and with no stinkin ticks !! I must admit the carpet of purpleish, reddish clover was quite the visual stimuli. We drove on the meadow and the weight of our trucks created roads . Sadly baby ticks were running amok . I panicked , per standard operating procedure, after a little second hand knowledge I was informed they were baby ticks and there were no deer, so myself and loved ones could live another day and not get the dreaded lime disease. Fresia and I yelled at Marshall for walking the dogs in the highest tickiest grass BUT we did make a science experiment out of tick removal and categorizing of the wretched things...


If you are a woman in show business or want to be one , you know about fishnets . Fishnet tights are the most brilliant invention known to showbiz. Danskin made the best, best fishnet tights ever !! These tights hold your legs and make you look bare legged, toned and almost flaw free . Now a while ago the manufacturer decided to quit making these tights !!! People started buying danskin fishnets like crazy ! A Danskin black market started . Rumor has it people were liberating tights from the BIG BIG show ( a circus that plays in buildings , that shall not be named ). These people were selling fishnets for as high as $40 a pair !! highway robbery ! Capezio makes fishnets but they are very stretchy ,not the girdle on your legs that Danskins is. Other dance suppliers started making fishnets. I started to freak out, what was I going to do ? I held on to my 10 pairs and kept mending . Last month I found a supplier, I cleaned her out , $15/pair btw ! A friend gave me a pair for my birthday ..AND THEN I googled Danskin and guess what ? Danskin has found a new manufacturer ! only 19.50/pair . Things are looking up

fun at the back door

what a happy group of negative energy..what a team we are. It is very nice when 87 people can drive to the next town, set up a circus , set up our town and do shows

spring..we got baseball fever

Jock straps

The late Phil Chandler , a witty , witty man with the most clever way he spoke and told tales, always said , "every trailer has a jock strap". So true.. a bungee or some device to keep things from falling off as we journey to " the next town "
Chandlerisms live on.

slight retraction regarding Matzoh

I had a sweet birthday at the circus..a small bash I made fried Matzoh with the matzoh ,Steve and Ryan, the very talented and FUNNY clowns both gave me and the Eckoff famous very green salad..The salad and the fried matzoh was loved by all. In Mountain Home , ARkansas..waiting for me at the post office general delivery style was more matzoh and fresh roasted coffee . The J to the second power sent this... so brilliant and tasty

Finally !!!

I have been looking for matzoh for days.
There aren't a lot of matzoh eaters in the towns we have been playing !
Yay and thank you Steve Copeland for the bountiful prize !! What a good pirate and thoughtful friend .


The great thing about being an aerialist is .... You are in the air ..
Wearing the proper footwear you can do anything .. I guess that's always true

Rola Bola

you want to play circus, you must have mud boots , case closed

Rola Bola

Fresia's first real rainy mud show experience !! Fresia and Cookie assist Fridman in the Rola Bola . She couldn't believe the fact she could wear mud boots and perform . She followed Fridman's lead and enjoyed the unusualness of it all.

seize the moment..


The clowns won the competition for embracing the moment . They made the lake in the tent their bitch . It was brilliant . SteveandRyan


I never said I was good at taking snapshots BUT the coolness of the backdoor curtain and the water and the redness..


Raul makes his way to juggle in the lake.Take that you modern day , Johnny come lately circuses

Venturing forth

Marshall and Lamont in the shallow end

in the middle of the ring the water was about a foot deep at the beginning of the show . it was out of the question for the tigers to work . I don't know if the water was the issue. Trying to tear down the arena would have been wild , wet and crazy . Other acts could not work.. Marshall as expected put on the correct accessories and stayed totally dry .He has a knack for that. He is a very functionally fashiony guy. Lamont and Cookie put together a fire manipulation, fire eating spectacle.. I thought it was very cool over the water.

The day it rained

It rained one day . We got to the town and the skies opened up . Marshall and I looked at each and laughed , this is how we both remember things .Sometimes it rains , it rains a lot. Everyday is different , some days grass , some days asphalt , sun , clouds , wind , thorns, different parts of the country. We are in a tent outside and nature is a huge part of our lives . That is a fact .