Walked to Mexico this morning . I tried to buy things like Zicam , but no luck . I did get a bar of soap "Leche de Burra" for $1 . While I am close to the border I am enjoying TopoChico mineral water.
My traveling companions stocked up different sorts of medicines.

When I returned to the lot the dogs were frolicking about in the trailer, so that freshly washed rug is now disgusting and I am bitter and full of ill will ... it could be worse..laughing to myself loudly as I recall our re entry into the usa, mister border patrol was asking 20 questions AND AND AND after looking at our passports and goodies. He asked for ID ! super jag..his boss saw the 2 pasty white blondish people and the distinguished cattle rancher and wanted to know what was going on. Border patrol customs JAG, stated he was looking for ID, the boss said, "do they have usa passports ? and isn't that enough ? HA HA ! in your face..really ..we walked to Mexico..what did he think we had...?

outlived it's usefulness

36 vehicles

We are a small show , but there are still lots of things that need to be maintained just so we can get to the next town . Brakes , bearings , tires, wires , nuts , bolts , water lines , rope , electric cable , makeup remover , light bulbs , shampoo, hair dye , groceries... The list is massive .
Something to think about , every town we go to gets some of our cash dollars along with our wonderful circus.
After all there are 86 of us( humans)
And a whole exaltation of animals.

Pirate boots

Fresia needed a pair of pirate looking boots.. Tada..
Late shows in the Rio Grande Valley make for long action packed days . Every weekend is a six pack , three shows Saturday and three more Sunday . The audiences are phenomenal .
I have a new fascination , going to leather shops , looking at leather goods and knickknacks , looking for the perfect boot. Just generally admiring the great artistry of these fine leather workers and cobblers. They do everything from new soles to saddle work.
One of my quests today was to find an Aveda salon do I could get some really great conditioner , without my dry remedy conditioner I can't brush my tresses.
When we walk the dogs they disappear in the high grass .

2007 Fresia and Arwen

watching the girls grow is very fun ! we are getting ready to travel tonight and we get to spend 6 nights and 5 days in McAllen, TX !! Fresia will be dying her hair with kool aid and cranking on Language Arts ! We are still trying to figure out where to put things and more important find things.. I remember how jumping on the bandstand trailer used to get us all yelled at "in the day.." The ants in Texas are big Texas sized ants.. This show has grown by leaps and bounds, some things are the same ,it is amazing anything has changed at all! the way we creatures of habit hold on to habits even if they are bad for us. Our dogs are loser dogs , but when we have a good safe walking area we all dig walking the little beasts. SpitValve the 6 month old puppy got loose !! After we realized that she thought us chasing her was a game we just turned around to go home and she came running. Fuzzable the 1 year old puppy howls at sirens, barks at vehicles and things..and chases after everything..We think she needs meds. Spartacus hasn't gotten loose ! Electra is so fine she comes, she stays..she is the sanity of the dogs

Fridman saves the day !!

What a sorry state of affairs .. First our power converter takes a pratfall ... the real culprit was a loose battery ground cable.. Marshall was busy doing computer musical things .. Fridman diagnosed the cable .. How shmucky of me that I did not see that !! We looked at the goofy airstream fuse box a billion times .. We now have 12 volt and 110 power.

the novelty of mud

I am not a big fan of the mud. However it is just part of life. I was a little wack job panicking about Marshall wiping out in the slippery stuff but, he did pretty good. Fresia thought it was worth documenting . Something about 9 days of circus fun in the same place creates quite a delicious looking bunch of glop. I was too busy today dealing with the what nots of life and forgot to wash the mud out of Fresia's tights today, but she informed me that it was part of her pirate look.

salt in my tea

the stress of it all..i needed a cup of tea to steady my our trailer was diagnosed with a dead other words our 12 volt system is non other words when we are unplugged from the mighty generator we are in total other words momma get cranky other words it is difficult to use water when your 12 volt water pump doesn't work cause there ain't no juice..and to put salt in the wound our battery charger took a pratfall ,however we borrowed a battery charger from our wonderful neighbors ..and we are charging up those batteries so momma can get her after show shower.. the important question is why did I put salt in my tea ? maybe to go with my wound

Fresia and Arwen

Arwen getting ready for the Gaucho act. Fresia waiting for finale . Arwen is drumming and dancing and doing bolos and being generally amazing

artists being all artisty in the back door

John and Johnny

Rio Grande..we think

sometimes life becomes so much living that one does not have the time to note what has happened because one just wants to sit and talk and listen...

I am happily and muddily here on KELLY MILLER CIRCUS !!! with my little family..including the doggies ..all 4..urg..

We are in a lovely town and Marshall is sporting a new titanium , steel , and plastic hip. He is navigating the muck and the mire in quite a sporting fashion.

his title is musical directer....but it is him and Mike the drummer that are making the music happen with the help of many....

Fresia is IN THE SHOW ! She is assisting Fridman in the Pirate production, is also a beautiful pirate girl and is in the finale ..the finale involves a small amount of choreography . She ransacked my costumes and threw together something quite cute and pirate like with a big scarf from Japan, a vest from the dive show, a sparkly trapeze costume , a pair of capezio jazz boots , and a pair of white fishnets that she hacked up to play the pirate urchin character.

I am doing trapeze and will be a dancing girl in the camel/zebra number..

so here we are being all family and having adventures