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Lamount and Jason

American ways

In my spare time

Washed wool
Unwashed wool

Washing wool
We followed a fiber festival, someone had left some sheared sheep so I picked it up, washed it, dried it and now I will somehow turn it into yarn.

Ohio friends

I love our Ohio friends ! Always a great day when we see Forrest.

Brian traveled with Kelly Miller Circus in 2014.

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missing stuff

I missed being an act yesterday. I had been quite content about not climbing, flipping and spinning. I missed the simplicity of having my focus of my 6 minutes of everything. Today I hung some fabric and climbed and did some "behaviors", now my arms are tired and my torso feels normal. Bliss

Crossing the Ohio river

Yesterday we crossed the Ohio river, always momentous to me . Driving over a great bridge and imagining the endless possibilities of everything . We landed in a sweet town just drying off from Derby fever . House entry ways were still decorated , gardens were bragging and the shops still had their derby ware inviting you in. I love town exploration .

Nothing is impossible when you work in the circus .

Open air affair 
Waiting for the rain to stop , setting up in a different way .
Another remarkable day with a remarkable group .
2 shows a day , every day for 32 weeks .