I have an idea or may I make a suggestion ? part 1

I had an idea in early October that our family unit HAD to go to NYC !! I lived there for about 6 years and I wanted to share some of my city with Fresia, I also wanted her to have some different experiences  and broaden her horizons just a little.
Marshall said he wasn't interested  in my suggestion and he would stay home and play with the house.

" I really want to go the city and see shows and take a dance class and ride the subway and look and do New York things and have Fresia meet family and friends she didn't know about "

I told a friend we were coming and she set up a neck spin class for me to teach , spinning by your neck is not a contemporary circus skill..I happen to be a pretty good spinner and spinning teacher.
Fresia was a riot , she said  , " Do you even know how to teach anything ?  Have you ever done this before ??"  I said , " Actually I have taught a few things in the air . " she looked at me with doubt .

We saw Pippin  !! Big Apple Circus !! Circus Vazquez ! We had a visit with Elizabeth Streb S.L.A.M , I taught my little class at Big Sky Works and met some aerialists, Fresia shopped and bought a pair of 8" platforms and cute clothing, I took a class at the Martha Graham Center ! we went to 30 rock and to studio 9C (a cousins office) and saw the big tree being decorated, I even squeezed in  a hot yoga class , went fabric shopping , saw cousins that we share great and great great grand parents with , saw friends from my late teens and their children  and friends I have had adventures with before Fresia was born and friends we both share.

We did a lot of subway and walked a lot !! Cabs are if you are just too tired to walk to the subway or if it is freezing or if you are lazy or if you have luggage ..
Every time I tried to share my love of maps and direction with Fresia and explain where and how we were going she gave me the look of death ! As we were landing at LaGuardia we flew over Circus Vazquez , I was thrilled and tried to share my joy..no response . However when I pointed out the new World Trade Towers she was thrilled too ! yay .

We stayed with wonderful friends Jan and Chayda  in Greenwich Village . A lovely place with sun streaming in and a view of things !! Fresia was so impressed

As we walked down the streets I said hi to the doggies , she said don't talk to these people or these dogs..by the 2nd day she was talking to the doggies too ! success

She shared her knowledge of dog behavior impressing our cousins , because she has the Dr  Doolittle thing , kind of.

In conclusion it was a glorious time . We live for today because who really knows what tomorrow will bring.
Fresia , self ,Vik G ,Chris P @ Pippin after the show and before the amazing backstage tour, orchestra of 13 musicians !!
The view from the 6th floor , to the left is the Pink Building( not the artist )  to the right the Hudson River
Jan , Fresia ,Johnny K , self and Chayda @ Big Apple Circus .
COUSINS !!! in Brooklyn ,we ate at an amazing restaurant ! Pizza with Gravlax and capers , need I say more ?
Circus Vazquez live BAND !! I used museum setting on the camera so there was no flash
Cousin Grumpy dancing ! notice those jazz hands