Driving to the next town is scary

We get in our trucks and drive . Marshall drives our truck and trailer and he always checks the tire pressure and all the fluids . Marshall left ahead of me. I called Fresia when I saw the Scythian slowly making its way down 495 . I asked if everything was ok . Fresia said no , the truck is shaking . Soon after she said that dad thinks we have a flat . Soon after she said there was an explosion . They pulled over and I pulled off too . The front left tire was flat and the lug nuts were sheared off .it looked super tragic . Fortunately the Kelly Miller rescue rangers saved the day . The tire looks so innocent now but when I pulled up the brakes were on the ground and there was a groove of 40 feet down the highway. No one got hurt . I took Fresia and the doggies to the next town in the bandwagon . We put the dogs in the chain link fence goat pen and I drank some wine and waited for Marshall  . I was happy to see our truck and trailer on the lot !

What a buzz kill

Early shows and plans of swimming , barbecuing and drinking something refreshing , thought provoking and amusing are put on the back burner because we must drive tonight . We must beat the weather and the traffic . Tomorrow morning we will be nestled in our beds until 8 or 9 am instead of marveling at the Boston drivers .

summertime and the livin' is easy

There is no rhyme or reason to my writing . I start to write and then others pieces of my lovely life call me to action .If I was a good little blogger I would date my musings ..

this was from the 21 of June
Today we had a nice drive over hill and dale..We are in a sweet town called Weatherly, PA .We were so excited about this town , because on the lot is a spring fed pond . There is also a snack bar with ice cream !! The snack bar is open  but the pond is not !! There has been a drought here and they can't force mother nature ..sooo no swimming on the first day of summer ! ARGGGH
Jeremiah has been doing a splendid job with the cookhouse . Today there were tortellini and Fresia was clicking her heels and made a  "vine" ( a 6 second video app )

 a group of ants looking all velvety and caviar like
 the beautiful pond
the magical meadow

On the bright side my hip feels better I did something crazy in NYC ( on the 14 of June ) . I ran up 4 flights of stairs 2/3 at a time and it was too much for my hip flexors . The other day (12 of June ) we were in a lovely town and there was a chiropractor who was also a sponsor.. A dream come true . A great adjustment and some therapy .

I can't believe the crazy ass driving we have still been doing !! Everyone is a critic.

I am rambling in my diary because I only have a few minutes of quiet time and it takes me a minute to "get my self together " with all my thoughts .

who is so cute ?

One of my favorite pastimes is photographing the mixed animal act as they get ready .
he is sad because his iced macchiato is gone
we are in it for the fun and the food !
Roo and Bongo the bestest of friends forever and ever !


Today the route slip instructed us to wait to be parked and not to drive over the brand new sprinklers .
That is a challenge !! Don't drive on the mine fields, ha ha ha ! Marshall and I were successful at not driving on any sprinklers .We are very professional rule followers .

The show has brought us into NJ .  I love this state . The tax free shopping ,the enthusiastic and bossy crowds , the farm stands..., the fantastic public transportation , the proximity to NYC , so much to enjoy..

Yesterday Spartacus got loose..Fresia and I had the privilege to run .He acts all sheepish when we catch him . He likes to go into fenced in areas ,yesterday was a nice track .What fun we had , sprinting in rubber clogs and slides .

Fresia filled in on web the last few days and I had to mend a pair of shoes for her ever growing self .

We have been able to sleep a little later than usual and the drives have been very easy..tada.. instant happiness ! That is not too much to ask for , is it ?

that flame of life inside us

Some days the activities we do just to get to the ring to perform and play in the circus are so cruel that the little spark gets smothered . To some people that look in from the outside it seems all fun and happy and "ooo you are in the circus ..." . It is that all kinds of wonderful however the lack of sleep , the long drives ,the price of fuel ,the walking in high heels on unknown terrain ,taking pratfalls on rocks many times unintentional , the breakdowns both nervous and mechanical are taxing . I think everyone who thinks I am whiny should drive up a mountain in a tired truck and then throw a few thousand bucks over the hill and not sleep and then be funny or daring . My favorite is the critics ,the experts who have no understanding of the challenges  that these remarkable individuals who make these journeys and the actually circus that gets robbed by towns with fees and inspectors..before we can even talk artistic and ho hum . We have to book the town , advertise ,get to the town, set up , perhaps many inspectors and $$$, the health and welfare of all.. The actual glory of the show is
the sweet punctuation mark at the end of the day ,every day for 38 weeks .
David P .Orr and self in the magically lit cookhouse

Don Curtis

 fashiony teens enjoying the fruits of the luncheon
Pat and Keith , members of Free State Clown Alley 30

The last weeks have been sweet with remarkable circus fans who sustain us with their passion and support and had lovely soirees and eats !! thank you ..I really think I had come tot he end of my rope but the Adam Forepaugh- Barry Lubin " Grandma " Tent no. 2 and the John Ringling North 2/Steve and Ryan Tent brought me/us back to life..

Rope swing

We arrived in the town before 6 am so we took advantage and did laundry while Fresia did school .School ,bandstand set up and tent raising tour was done by 10 am so we jumped on I-68 and had some family mall time . It turns out the mall was the lot that the Cole Brothers Circus played on in 1998 . Driving into Cumberland concluded many days of long brutal mountain hateful drives .  It was extremely hot this day .  Across the lot was a river and there was a rope swing and I couldn't control myself , It was so fun .  I can't believe I went the whole day before I went in . The river was a delicious and refreshing temperature .A few of us played on the rope swing, some enjoyed wading .I give rope swing  a big thumbs up !! It seems like it has been a long time since I have had that much fun .