I was inspired by my movie star costume... I used 30 yards of single row stretch sequins.
I also needed something to go with my insane new awesome wings!
My wings are pretty heavy with the train tail attached .. Making an entrance is what those wings are all about!!!

7 needles

I broke 7 sewing needles sewing thru many layers of sequins....

The children LOVE Boris

I was told Shirley is about 70..


Ta da!!



Air technician

An integral component of our show, the air cooling system. There are two of these units. The temperature outside has been 105f. The park wants the patrons to ENJOY the show. I certainly enjoy performing in climate controlled conditions.

Concert fun

The stage is 20 feet from our trailer ! There is a locked gated which we were privy to , how lucky are we??? Sometimes very lucky. Last time the girls( Fre and Jo) were on a show together was 2001, they were very young and adorable. They have much in common now!! They love roller coasters, water parks, Vera Bradley bags, tween mags, lemon or sun in , shopping , L. E. Barnes Circus( the real one) and SRQ, etc etc... The list goes on. If there is one thing in life .. You want your children to be happy.. Ta da

Rolling spool

Fresia and Jovana

Opening day ! 3 shows! And a concert with Lady Antebellum ! A great band

Park electrician saves the day

Story of my life

Too many amps...I guess 10 gauge isn't enough when you have 100 feet

Mister Peacock

I looked out my trailer this morning and what did I see? I saw a peacock looking at me!

Fresia spied this orphaned mockingbird in our front yard.
We gave it some water, put it on a stretcher and drove out to longboat key to " save our seabirds"
They have a hospital and rehabilitate birds of all kinds and then release them back into nature .
There are many kinds of people in the world , those that help creatures in need and those that don't . Perhaps they have a lame story , it is defective and doesn't deserve to live.. We are all perfectly imperfective ...
If you happen to be in the area , I recommend " save our seabirds" it is next to Mote Marine