Miami Love

Fresia and I had a road trip, for old times sake . I love driving around with that child and having adventures . She helped me do all the hard stuff, I think she had fun and made some cool new friends . I had fun ! thank you

January is magical

I love all the sweet activities in January .
Elaine, my mommy, comes to visit .

The Ring of Fame in St Armand's Circle is splendid , perfect and dreamlike .
Just imagine a group of people enjoying perfect live music played by talented musicians (Marshall included) and conducted by Chuck S, in a circular park on green grass surrounded by trees in the sun watching 5 people get honored by the Ring Of Fame and having historic plaques placed around the circle .I love this day . It is on a Sunday and follows the 3 show Saturday at the Gibsonton Showmen's Circus . Marshall also played in Showmen's band with Chuck S .The trumpet section had 4 pieces . I did trapeze and felt fat and injured . It was the worst experience I have had . I guess it was the 3rd show that did me in . On that note of self pity I have seen Doctor Joe and gotten my bones aligned . Practicing ,working out and doing hot yoga with a vengeance and because of that nasty slap in the face of reality I have cut down on my ice cream, brie, and wine consumption . After this show we had the best time in the bar cutting up jackpots with friends from near and far. Another day I love. Marshall put a cold bottle of beer on his chops to reduce the swelling . We performed in the mighty Walker tent , a tent I love .

Fresia started high school in public school ! Every day is prom day!

Gibtown snaps
Marshall's nephew John John, all grown up !
Mike and Miles Ashton practicing for their final Risley performance
one word LEGENDARY