that's a wrap for the 2014 kelly miller circus tour

What an amazing ,enlightening , challenging ,ever changing year .

We started with a skeleton crew thanks to the ridiculous visa shenanigans .

Some people thought we could do it without the mighty crew .

I could not . I only pitched in a little but I am / was extremely spoiled by the rigging , prop , tent , water department , electrical department and I personally could not imagine a season without them .

Some people left the show .

I think someone got fired , some folks quit , there was some bullshit . Stuff happened that so angered me , but I suppose that is life at any work place . I hope I am not a hypocrite .

I think I was a little sad when I floated down to the ground after trapeze was done for the last time at Kelly Miller Circus 2014 . I did the longest iron jaw spin ever....

The last days are always full of reflection and thankfulness for friends , family , adventures , health and work .
                                                    Marshall and John Frazier !

Jason the Scarecrow , 1st place in the mighty KMC Halloween Party costume contest

Arwen and Jacob  , animae or cosplay award winning and adorable

                                          selfie with johnny law

                                         Still life with airstream , elephants and child

thank you Obert for starting a circus

Hub Hubbell Day

Yesterday November 15 was Hub Hubbell Day at the Showfolks Club in Sarasota , Florida . The day began with a circus flea market , amazing breakfast , bbq , an amazing band ( kind of cowboy and I think they even played some Grateful Dead ! My hair hero sang a song ). Johnny Herriott did a wonderful tribute about Hub . A very sweet time .
In honor of Hub Hubbell here is a photo from 2009 when Sladek , Dick K and myself were trouping with the mighty Loomis Brothers Circus . We had some celebrity guests that day .
from left to right - Ian Sr. , Jerry K , Sladek , Dick K , and Hub