sometimes things aren't perfect

I have a lot of perfect lately...however I am the queen of the generator taking a pratfall during my act, working over lakes..anything odd..and I am thankful , so thankful I have a performing job. The other day as a matter of fact at the beginning of the second half the generator took a time out, it just happened to be angry clowns . I was instructed by the performance director to wait until they had some cable so I could at least have music for my act..well I had music BUT someone unplugged it at the end of the not only did I work in dimness but without musical support..the generator got a new fuel filter and the show resumed with business.stuff happens. it is live performance after all, we are working outside in a tent doing 2 shows almost every single day..remarkable and fantastic that the group of 90 plus people I troupe with make it happen

Driving to the next town

I spy with my little eye .. A couple of nuclear reactors , with " let's be safe signs" . I suppose it is a good policy , safety first. Today we drove up and down mountains , very heinous . I breathe a sigh of relief when I arrive . How much can you check your truck fluids , brakes and tires ? Three trucks had situations , a few struggled up the long grades . So cruel is Ford to keep planned obsolescence a thriving way ..

banana beer

interesting and gamey
Marshall and friends enjoying Charlestown Pizza !! 5 stars , when in Charlestown ,Indiana go to Charlestown Pizza !

re do

and redo..grrrr

new floor and walls

once you take something apart it is so much fun to put it back together
a little project...


this show has 258 tires on the ground..keeping the fleet flat free is a balancing act

new and not so new

this transmission was installed today
this transmission is a victim of bad drivers..may it rest in peace..newsflash it is going into intensive care for complete organ restoration



front end

the front end of the circus like advertising ? NO ! the front end of my truck tires, new tied rods, new caster camber something things.Fortunately the tire alignment place was close to a mall called "Metropolis", and fortunately it was a groovy mall,and happily I got birthdays goodies for the May Babies and dog food and hit up a Starbucks.Happily I made it back to the lot at 4:39, because unfortunately my truck was not finished until 4:19.It was a 30 minute drive to the lot. I missed the Camel dance but happily and fortunately I got my makeup on my face and happily did trapeze.
the crunched ticket awning thing is almost fixed

a view from above

balloon rides ! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
happily floating and enjoying the view !

hot air balloon rides !!

MAY BABIES HAVE A HOT AIR BALLOON PARTY AT THE KELLY MILLER CIRCUS !!! that is how we do it ! Sara organized the whole thing !! we all pitched in greenbacks ! event was from 7-9 am ! we had a 5.30 am call..brutal time to get up. I drove 65 mph the whole way, in a show truck, didn't stop for fuel..because I had plenty AND I had to get to the lot in my pajamas for the balloon asap !! we are also driving tonight because this town doesn't want us sleeping over..hmph Johnny Moss May 2 age 14.. GiGi Greene May 7 age 5... Fresia Eckelman May 10 age 13... Renzo Loyal May 18 age 13... Nathan Moss May 20 age 10.. a perfect day for balloon rides.. we took a snooze at 10 one for tent I am off to get our truck aligned and to buy fireworks and good gifts for FRESIA and the other babies !! feel free to send presents c/o Kelly Miller Circus, p.o. box 829, Hugo, OK 74743..

fun at school

Being on the road with your family and 4 dogs sure takes the word lonely out of your vocabulary. My old favorite time to write was at night , at the end of the day I would reflect and note all the highlights and low lights of my adventurous day. Now at night we walk dogs, turn the kitchen table into a bed, batten down the hatches , preset 3 pots of stovetop espresso, bump into each other, set 2 alarms ,take showers, remove makeup ,talk about current events ... blah blahblah . Once all that FUN is done and I am jockeying for a place to sleep in my bed and trying to reclaim my tempurpedic pillow from some dachshund and crawling over Marshall to my "side" of the bed ..well well well.. I lost a little of my great desire to journal . BUT today is another day on the mighty circus.. I am hanging out with Fresia and Arwen as they are catching WIFI at McD so they can do their virtual school . I am not actually hanging out .I walked them here, just 5 minutes from the gorgeous green grassy fairground lot with lovely trees and shade and blooming floral dogwoods . I got them food and made sure they were online and then I ran back to the lot to do "tent raising " , my second job . It is actually a perfect job for me ! I meet the people and tell them all about "US", the Kelly Miller Circus . The highlight of tent raising is watching the elephant pull up the center poles ,all 4 of them (poles). Tent raising (my part) takes about 1 hour . I tell them animal facts, circus statistics, number of people ,86. Length of tour 38 weeks . Size of tent 160' round. Length of show, time of show ,what is in show , what a show is. History of show.............well there is a lot to tell. My favorite part is answering questions !! After tent raising (my part ) I came back to McD to check on kids and get them some more sustanance .So here I sit, across the aisle from the scholars. Some other people from the show have come in .A bunch of town people are working on their laptops. I have a never ending list of projects . I forgot how hard the elements are on costumes..the cold, the costumes are just falling apart . Marshall needs new tux shirts. Fresia has outgrown her pirate costume !! I think she has grown 2 inches since February !! I end some helpful person just dumped out my coffee..a stranger ..grrrrrrr the end