only 2

Sunday May 31, 2009

unbelievable high gusty winds..icy winds..brutal and dangerous

My hair wrapped around my head!
branches snapped and pummeled us about the head and shoulders

last 2 shows- meet and greet only - we got to play dress up


Sunday May 31, 2009

Dear Diary,

I am having withdrawal from rhinestones, eyelashes and a tent.
I dreamt about working in a circus tent.

Fresia and I are going crazy watching the TV show "House" . We are nuts for "House". It is like eating too much lobster, it is losing it's fun.

coolness and a baby catch

wet trapeze

Friday May 29, 2009
My trapeze was still wet.... I managed..very complainy

Water still cool

Divers are cool to snap cuz they twist and turn

the track or the zoo

ponder ponder..should Fresia and self go to the Bronx Zoo or the track in Saratoga Springs or both ? OR The Museum of Natural History or MOMA ..NYC here we come! I am getting a sitter for Spartacus


Thursday may 28, 2009
Playing dress up in the green room.
A cold, rainy ,wet trapeze!
Good thing I have two trapeze.

my sword

Monday May 24, 2009

me and my sword..feeling healthy..
after the shows did thousands of sit ups with some pirates FUN

a 4 show day

Saturday May 23, 2009

oi..4 shows .after the first show I was ready to retire..

I drank gallons o water, took a lay down and then kicked some pirate booty..

it was an intense day for every one, the first two shows were @ 1.30 and 2.45 .. that was rough

the water cannons soaked my trapeze and had to be repositioned..

most important and coolest thing ever ..I was asked to do a dive! yup, off a diving board! uh huh me..a gag silly dive in tandem whatever !oh boy wow.. OPRAH I am waiting for that phone call

sword fighting

Friday May 22, 2009

Even though our swords have safety tips on the pointy things it is still scary for me. I do two things, two tiny moves in the sword fight scene AND I block the evil Captain from escaping. I am Shipmate Ruby, tough as nails, a bad piece of work. No ta da ing here.

Tonight Fresia, Spartacus and I went to the Glen Drive In . We saw Star Trek, ate bad popcorn , drank good wine and capri suns. I saw someone taking pix and bartered a trade. She is a painter who lives in Glen Falls.The sunset was beautiful. How cool is it when you can take your doggie to the movies....opening day is tomorrow.arrggh

rehearsel day 2

Thursday May 21, 2009

Today we started rehearsing at 10 am and finished at 4 pm. We did a special mini show at 5:30. It was so nice to be in the fresh air doing trapeze and a little piracy

My mascara isn't waterproof. Shipmate Ruby wears a lot of mascara , a little lipstick, sunblock and rosin.

We saw some brownish grayish woodland creature maybe a woodchuck,Fresia saw a chipmunk by the door. Allegedly this place has chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons and little brown mice as residents.hmmmm

We are off to plunder Chinese Buffet YAY!

set up

May 20, 2009

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was very sick. I couldn't get out of bed. I had chills and my right toe felt like an ice cube. Fresia was a darling , walked Spartacus and let me sleep.

Today I woke up and had come back from the dead. I thought I had a case of the swine.

We packed a lunch, put Spartacus in his doggy jail and headed off to the Stadium.
The ship never looked better.I still felt weak and dizzy but managed to assemble my uprights and with the help of the amazing crew and Fresia WALKED them up @ 30' ,got myself guyed out .We broke for lunch, then had 2 run through. Tomorrow we get our swords and do stage combat, well kind of.

In 3 days I have driven 12 miles..sigh

Fresia, Spatacus and I have all been bit by the black fly, icky.

The choreographer, sword fight stage director guy is an ex circus acrobat from England. Cool

pirate girls

Saturday May 16, 2009

Desperate people do desperate things. I don't think a person turns to piracy for fun, just to survive.
Once you get a taste for it there ain't nothin better..arrrggghhhhhh

A brief reprise

Friday May 15, 2009

home again home again ............we are on our break from building to tent.

a long drive..saw some cool stuff ..spent a fortune on dasani flavored water..
fell asleep 20 times will driving yesterday so I pulled into a gas was closed..slept till 5 am

regrouping.repacking..unload ,reload, laundry , cooking, chiropractor
I'll be off again in 24 hours.

Red River

Wednesday May 13, 2009

Red River the river of blood.

Today while driving to the town I decided Black Beauty needed an oil change and I needed some beauty salon.
Using my trusty Treo I made an appointment for both. I got to the lot and investigated the rigging du jour, easy one ladder, same architect as yesterday. I unhooked Black Beauty and drove like a maniac to the Ford place. I noticed a horrible metal sound like my wheels were coming off.
Oh yay I said to myself, what now ?? I got the truck situated and as I hopped into the van that was giving me a lift to the beautifying parlour I noticed I had left one tow bar hooked up and it had dragged 1.1 miles behind making horrible metal sounds.
The photo of the Ford truck is how they replace the high pressure fuel pump! Pretty intense!! one of her many surgeries.

Oil is "changed", hair is "done",rigging is "up".

ceilings can be ugly

Tuesday May 12, 2009

Twenty feet to the beam, truss thing. I got to swing on the jacked trapeze of the day.
I was a little spacey while doing fabric, thinking about everything else, very unlike me.I guess I get an F.

Willy came by, on his way home.I saw some ass

tomorrow is another day

Tuesday May 12, 2009

Today was hot and green. I felt no love.. I was starving to death and went food hunting. I ended up at Melba's and ate so much I hurt.


Monday May 11, 2009

I am in one of my favorite states, food wise. The further south the more amazing the accent. I can't really describe it,it is southern drawl with Cajun spices and honey dripping off the vowels.Sometimes I don't even know what they are saying, excellent story telling voices, I just like listening to them talk.

Every parish has it's own liquor rules ,I had to drive to a different parish to get some liquor. I bought gin and vermouth and wine. I like to be prepared.

Building is slightly angled, challenging to swing. On fabric I could have done a 2 and 1/2 but I like a few feet between me and the ground, so I did a 1 and 1/2.

town dog

Sunday May 10, 2009

Today this very good natured doggie found us.
The kids named her Molly.
Upon investigation we found out it was a he.
The kids asked me to take a picture and then print it.
They wanted to have a flyer because they needed to find its rightful owner and they know I am a sucker and don't mind using a ton of ink to print this sort of thing.
The general consensus is this is one cool dog. I personally like this dog.

Building is lowish but I could do a 1/2 drop on the fabric , no swinging on trapeze because of tile things in the ceiling but that's ok I do trapeze routine "b", everything static lots of circle the bars and some extra tricks.

Ian aka "E" owner of the grey ghost and honey of Fiorella aka "Fee" is also the candy man.

how old you?

Saturday May 9 ,2009

Dear Diary,

Today a woman came back into the building to buy balloons. The show was over and I was setting my mouthpiece. She said to me sheepishly, " I just have to ask you, how old are you ?". I said , "how old do I look ?" (side note, I do freak out about my age, body , teeth, hair,shoulders, feet,stomach, boobs all the time) .She says, "Well I know you are over 40". I am crushed, I am doomed. She than says," My mom said, " she ain't no 20 year old and honey you are amazing, see I know you ain't 40 cause I am 40,"
So I tell her how old I am and I tell her my friends say things like that too, but maybe if it could get me on Oprah and I could make a living for the rest of my life being Jack La lane that would be ok and thank you for the compliment, you are very kind.

So Oprah if you are out there, give me a call....

The building was 18'-10" I used the green extension ladder , choked span sets AND I was able to do a 1 & 1/2. Yesterday was high enough to do a 2 &1/2. Yesterday I got major stuck the first show for 1 minute how insane!, in the air wrapped up in fabric trying to escape.


still Friday somewheretoday
Fresia, my darling daughter, is having a birthday celebration with friends at Siesta Beach swimming, throwing wet sand, squealing, watching the sunset, eating Chinese food and cake, having a sleepover in one giant bed with the girls and Spartacus watching a movie and turning 10 !! double digits, a decade


Friday May 8, 2009

The building woman and I laughed about the retro ness of this building.She said every time she walks in she has a dejavu. The smell reminds me of the 60's, a musty ,clean, summer cottage that has been left alone for too long . There are old fashioned poly urethane wooden floors, wooden bleachers, pink and blue bathrooms.This building is nice.

I used the double ladder-o-death, hung blocks and guyed out like a real aerialist.


the other day I was warming up and who pops backstage? Jim Zych. He is currently a side show owner.What a happy surprise!His squeeze is amazing photog named Lori Ballard.He has worked high wire,elephants and is in the sweetest National Geographic documentary.
Tonight as I ventured back to the big show after my rv outing, I met up with Doug Terranova and Neeche.
He was driving west on I-20, I was driving east.We met and dined lavishly at the flying J exit 3 in Louisiana.
Doug is like a movie star, he does opera. He's a Green Bay Packer fan, a major animal guy, does good Samaritan civic things,rescues stranded aliens and has fought fires.
Many moons ago, my stepson Brooks spent a day with Doug and his animals,I remember it being a very great day.



still at North Dallas rv
The Scythian had propane leaks, new hoses were implanted (implants)
underbelly skin sagging and falling off(a tummy tuck!) and lots of bolts
a fresh water leak (incontinence) some kind of patch/plug
sometimes when I stood on the step it would retract in and I would do pratfalls, (knee replacement) a new roller.
a mangled bumper, I am the queen of bumper cars (total ass replacement) and a minor skin graft
The door was out of alignment, (it got an adjustment and minor surgery)
Randy told me what chemical to use to get the rest of the blue decal off,airplane solvent.TOXIC but effective

North Dallas rv

Thursday May 7,2009

I can turn a travel day into a field trip.

I went 275 miles out of the way to see Randy, Airstream Artiste' in Dallas. He will make the Scythian prettier and healthier.This place is most fabulous if you are a lover of the Airstream.


Wednesday May 6, 2009

Hot, humid, delectable , ring mat washing weather.

Driving Black Beauty with the Scythian in tow and being a circus drama queen ain't so tough when the weather is hot hot hot. Do I like it hot? oh yeah, hot rules.

I am sewing, beading a new costume. I am forcing myself at espresso point.

Building is a fancy pretty center of civic nature, no points, swing set...groan, moan, bitch , complain.

However it does have carpeting. Wall to wall, that used to mean something once upon a time.

show cows

Tuesday May 5, 2009

We are in a show barn without walls. Not too low and a nice sweaty humid day it is

I have been very domesticated and cleaned under sinks and tried to install a new blind. I wasn't in the mood for power tools so instead I cut up a quilt and made a curtain .

I was lying down thinking about taking a nap and I heard a moo, a very loud moo. I decided to investigate and I met Pollinate the cow. It is spa/pedicure day at this place.I have many new neighbors and they are mooing away.