Adjusting to town ways

It has been 7 years since I went on the road

I never thought I would get acclimated to the ways of town folk life.

I miss our life as circus people but times have changed and we have stayed the same.

The expense of traveling tented circus is prohibited unless you have a marketable act, oops..kind of lost my act.

However hope springs eternal and I will always practice and see where it leads me.

Meanwhile we are playing on our "lot" planting wildflowers and enjoying the treasures around us.

Day 158, 71 to go

The world is in that backward place. I never thought people ( mostly men) would try and overturn Roe V Wade. I never thought the Planned Parenthood , a great place to go for reproductive health care would get violently attacked. I should have known something was going wrong when the arts became a luxury and the death of live music began.
I know people that truly believe the civil war never happened and that the confederate flag is good. I know people that embrace the kkk. I know people that think Hitler was good and Nazi is the way. I see people screaming at the public that come to the circus, because we have animals.
I lump them all together , terrorists and unpatriotic.
Freedom of speech does not mean throwing bags of excrement .
I know people that died fighting for our freedom.
I am in shock at the stupidity
I am ashamed at the hate.
I am thankful for the joy of the circus and the love of my family.


Sometimes people do this.
A day in the life of a fence.

All hands on deck

Girl power

 Showing Fresia how to play with elephants.  Making family history or herstory.


How about that!

Gold is always in fashion!


Today I blew the arrows.

I thought the right off the lot was hwy 235 BUT it was Fairground Rd and my journey took me on the pink line. I was supposed to basically just get on I-70 east.
My big adventure took me ONLY an extra 6 miles. It was very hilly and exciting!!