Day 158, 71 to go

The world is in that backward place. I never thought people ( mostly men) would try and overturn Roe V Wade. I never thought the Planned Parenthood , a great place to go for reproductive health care would get violently attacked. I should have known something was going wrong when the arts became a luxury and the death of live music began.
I know people that truly believe the civil war never happened and that the confederate flag is good. I know people that embrace the kkk. I know people that think Hitler was good and Nazi is the way. I see people screaming at the public that come to the circus, because we have animals.
I lump them all together , terrorists and unpatriotic.
Freedom of speech does not mean throwing bags of excrement .
I know people that died fighting for our freedom.
I am in shock at the stupidity
I am ashamed at the hate.
I am thankful for the joy of the circus and the love of my family.