Evansville 2010, fellowship

Women that ride elephants

my friend Meg

The Xelias fundraiser was a success

Great young beautiful talent, the space is amazing ! even the chairs are painted!

Jim did my rigging up and down ! I was like a princess aerialist

When I was swinging I felt like I would kick a wall

Meg gave me great direction, I like a little direction..

The space has a cabaret theater feeling

In conclusion, magical and I felt the love

I meant Meg at my very first circus job , we trained in nyc and have been great friends ever since .

Sean, reciting his RBBB Saturday night poem

The alley

Clown alley, where the clowns are

Annie the artist

Annie Elias is a sensational multi media artist.


The Xelias aerial arts studio is in northeast Minneapolis, in the arts district
Laying out the painted canvas wine tarp, so the patrons can eat, drink and enjoy the show and not destroy the incredible tumbling padded floor


hanging out at the palace, taking a sauna, riding a bike, wearing sweaters, sitting by the fire, loving the snow


Airport food

Sometimes you have to eat a two piece

circus weekend

sometimes you have to pack up the truck , the trailer, your rigging, the family, the dogs and earn a few bucks at the circus.

Quoting Franklyn, " Pathetic Brothers Circus "

Marshall got shanghaied into running the sound.
I ring mastered and ONLY did trapeze.
The Murray Elephants, Sladek, Elmo..we were all darling..
Fresia said it was the worst weekend of her life.
Spartacus and Electra consummated their relationship and Fresia got a great biology lesson.

We got some scratch.

Marshall and I hung out.
Fresia made a new friend.

We have had much worse weekends

I think you can do better

I have been on vacation for exactly 3 weeks.

It is wonderful and horrible at the same time.

I never actually have a "real" vacation.

My vacation is time at home fixing and mending.

My vacation is panicking about money and things that break.

My vacation is getting physicals, seeing teachers, bonding with my little family.

My vacation is waiting for contracts and agents and practicing.

and then it is over. I am packing and frantically sewing and mending..and fixing and still panicking about money and things that break and contracts and agents...

those that do do those that don't teach or criticize

an afternoon at the mall with tweens

play at the body shop and spray each other with glitter spray

eat every free sample at the food court. Panda Express orange chicken rules, cookies that taste like cookie dough

go into Claire's with a timer

accidentally went to Victoria's sec--t UNTIL I realized it was like porn !!

went to build a bear and bought matching small fries

hit the vending bubble gum machine

we spent 1/2 hour on the sleep number beds

in conclusion BIG FUN , lots of giggling

mother and child

someplace in Ohio

photo by Rick Deptula