and that is how the cookie KRUMbles

what a pretty little town we are in today !! I made some new friends ! a retired schoolteacher and a journalist who , once upon a time, reported in Boston. He knew friends and interviewed people in the day ! He talked about civil rights and changes in life in the 60's ! I was inspired in the way you are inspired when you realize that you are fortunate enough to live through some profound times and reflect . What a luxury to be mock intelligencia for 30 minutes. He and his wife gave me a lift to the post office and drove me by their historic home. These photographs are some of their flowers.

North Dallas RV

In case you had any question on where to have work done on your Airstream . I just thought I would put it out there that North Dallas RV is excellent, not a rip off, etc. etc. We had a travel day, around 450 miles. The Scythian had some minor/major issues cosmetic, nuerological and some unmentionable trouble..sigh much better.. While we were there we admired the other Airstreams.

Brooks comes to visit

A very happy day indeed ! Brooks Beatty Eckelman came to visit ! I think he misses the circus...who wouldn't ? so many adventures , such great times

Becky the elephant turns 37 !!!

We love parties, especially birthday parties ! I was going down memory lane and I remembered the time some flatbed truck driver delivered something to a circus lot and they sliced my pickup in half . The mechanic was bragging how he " saw the whole thing " and it was the electricians fault for directing the driver so badly..I drove around with our truck all Larried up for a while and then we got it repaired in some town when we had small jumps. A couple of weeks after the truck was all beautified some woman driving a pretty volvo REALLY fast sideswiped us and boo booed the truck in the same spot !! we fixed that when we got home.. It is amazing that you can drive all over the country and keep on doing shows and have major repairs..showbiz

Alice in Wonderland

Today we woke up at 5.15 AM ! to drive out of the Rio Grande Valley.. Au revoir.. In the town of Falfurrias there is a border inspection station. The truck and trailer I was driving must have smelled mighty fine because the police dogs went wild.. I pulled over to the side, as instructed. I had to sit down in the detainment awning area while they drove around with a giant CSI xray device.Everyone on the show said I was profiled.. I got to the lot kind of late.That is always strange to get to the lot and everyone already lives there and you are the outsider.. Today we have normal show times..this is huge for me..we finish an hour earlier !! Today marks our 35th day of shows and we have been finishing shows every night at 10.30 the earliest ! Tonight we will be done at 9.30.. Today the new tent was blessed by a Circus Reverend, Father Dick Notterer. I think that is how he spells it. I believe it was a Catholic service. Marshall and I got there late because we were touring the local pawn shops and hardware stores. Cutting to the chase Fresia , my Jewish Princess got ashes on her forehead , " because everyone else did "... oy vay Tent blessings are nice and spiritual .

give me a break

John and Marshall inspecting the JoMar
Cookie dancing with ribbon
Fresia dancing with ribbon
ME being sparkly !
it all began last Thursday, I was so excited.. I had big plans for Laredo, Texas . when we arrived at the lot I smelt that smell. The cursed smell of brakes. We had not been over mountains . I knew we were doomed . It was a brake caliper deal.We took the truck in on Thursday to be repaired Friday , the wrong part was shipped . Truck was not ready till Monday afternoon . I had the thrill of driving ...well let's put it this way . It might have been something that could have gotten me a ticket or in jail.....ugh..but the important part is we did shows and next time take my hitch and isn't it nice to be on a show..a big show The truck is fixed and the dealer was kind enough to give a rental for gratis . We had the privledge of driving back and getting the truck, a mere 244 miles..a normal drive for some shows. Meanwhile our water tank was cracked and flooding the trailer. Once again Fridman saved the day . Our refridgerator is acting goofy .... We are on our 5th weekend of 6 packs..We finish every night at 10.30 at the earliest. We can't wait for normal show times and only 2 shows a day . My household is very cranky at each other . Well , we were very cranky at each other...

Driving east

Watching that big golden orb rise is amazing .. It happens pretty fast , like life I am extry original today