it's a jungle out there

coming home to a back yard like this is a big fat drag !! rigging can't go up till we have a yard..Marshall bagged 20 bags of needles, there must have been 20 -10 foot palm frounds, Spanish moss everywhere.. the dogs are going wild !! Spartacus gets lost in the grass, hunting. I hope the mowers come tomorrow . We have to lop off a bunch of Brazilian pepper trees growing in our yard ! We have a plethora of botany here !! The house has some cute , tiny ants..I spent the day armed with paper towels, bleach, lemon oil, sponges and rags . We scrubbed, cut, bagged, did laundry , a little loopy but the first day is always monumental...

on the way home the Scythian gets " a little work done "

The Scythian will be spending her winter break getting some structural body work done .
we love North Dallas rv

508 shows..

those 38 weeks flew by, ..closing day was cool weather . I felt amazing strong and thin . We had been packing and putting a lot of stuff in the pick up and cookhouse had been bumming me out . I was into making pancakes for Fresia, Marshall and anyone who deserved them . I guess I was on the pancake diet . Wow I am a blithering idiot.. Back to closing day , Marshall sounded so great . All the trumpet parts he wrote himself.. he was unamplified but played sweeet and loud ! how nice.. just like the good old days. I am doing trapeze and get to have a look behind me and see/hear him blowing his horn. Fresia was so jazzed about closing day. Mostly she was expecting to have some big emotion. We talked about " how she felt " , she said she didn't feel happy or sad., just strange that she couldn't do " it " tomorrow..I think she was proud , she only missed part of 1 show, when she got whacked in the eyes with a scarf . Marshall , Mike drummer, clown Ryan and Raul were the only people that did not miss a show .

Carolyn's pillow explodes at laundromat

I looked at this mess and said , " my day just got so much better than yours !" to which she replied ," you could always be a shit Sherpa ". " What is a shit Sherpa ?", I asked . She replied, " When you climb Mt. Everest in the Himalayas you need to bring a shit Sherpa with you to carry the shit back down the mountain ." It is like one of those things you have to do if you are going over there. I wonder who has the exclusive on the shit ?

adorable member of the Camelid family

herbivore, good dancer, can navigate on steep rocks , dedicated ...

what is wrong with this photo

the Raptor is always level , today the Raptor sunk in the mud , got stuck and could not get different

24 shows left !

I am so loving every show . When it is not showtime you realize that performing is like watching sand sift between your fingers..all of a sudden there is no more

everyone needs a dog

or something to care for .Having animals in ones life makes us better humans .


well if I had one of these I would be incorrigible

the weather has turned

hot chocolate and pancakes and hot tea and electric heaters and sweaters and layers and long sleeves..we have packed up our flippy floppies.


My pumps are on borrowed time..I have newer ones but they are not so comfy..I can really move in these babies . Yesterday my heel got stuck in the mud AND it wasn't the first time either !! When I was filling in for someone on this very show in '09 or '10, my heel got stuck in the mud..Both times my heel was rescued by Johhny Moss .These pumps have been rolled over and cracked into pieces by some heavy bear props, they have been rebuilt twice.. I am always looking for good pumps.I make my entrance into the circus ring in these pumps, yesterday without a heel was pretty entertaining for those was kind of cool because it keep me laughing and I didn't thing about the cool air I was performing in..