This is why we can't have nice things

Tearing down in the mud

One of the tractor/bulldozers pulling the office truck into position to hook up to the office trailer .

Ardmore , Oklahoma
The second to last town . It rained and then there was mud . This is one of things we do very well . We get off " up to our axles in mud " lots .

Some days you just don't wear white.


I work with an amazing group of humans and animals . Tonight the humans , after a 230 mile drive , put on their Halloween duds and strutted their stuff . What a fun , creative group . It was an unprecedented turnout !
Gomez , the mummy and Morticia

Halloween party 2015 is blockbuster !!!

the children go trick or treating

the mummy looking fresh and fabulous ( makeup by Kyle Guth )

the mummy and the Khaleesi

Cleopatra and the mummy

the marionette and the mummy

Halloween and the mummy does selfies

Jaime Lannister and the mummy

where's Waldo and the mummy

the mummy and an alien

Oscar and the mummy

the ringmaster Rebecca and the mummy

Halloween is a breath of fresh air

the mummy and 1/2 woman 1/2 man

the mummy and the banana

the ringmaster and the 1/2 woman 1/2 man

the mummy and Cersei Lannister

the mummy and the nun

Halloween in Ardmore , Oklahoma

Wendy Bell "the Bullfighter "

Carolyn as " Fajolino " painting by Sebastian

"the mummy " and " Fajolino "

"the mummy "  and  "Julius Caesar"

Halloween at Kelly Miller circus is serious business

the mummy with "Brad" GSOE

Purple guy and a marionette

Gato and the mummy

ringmaster Rebecca ! bam

Fun in Pryor , Oklahoma

I was walking by the Marathon and Abraham and Chavez were playing balancing games . That looked like fun so I took some photos and joined in . We have 4 more shows , 3 more days , 2 more towns , 1 Halloween party and it will be a wrap !

In Arkansas for the day .

On my 1 mile walk to the post office I spied a lot of Armadillo road kill . I thought about snagging some skin to use in arts and crafts projects , fortunately I had nothing but my bare hands to pick it up with and I am babyish about touching certain dead things with my bare hands .
The sun is shining , we are on a grass lot , the soccer players are playing soccer and we have 8 shows left !!

Cook the cook cookhouse cookouts

August in Elkhart

Jeremiah Cook and grill engineer Jason and the mighty grill !! 
What a great last Sunday meal !!  

14 more shows

I used my ringmaster powers for good .
We have only 14 shows to go , the jumps are long , the weather is cool , the corn is high .

St. James , MO

20 shows left ! 11 days remain of the 2015 international edition of the Kelly Miller Circus . 
The vacuum cleaner museum