Small town fun ! Great laundromat , gourmet pizza , library for Internet , a day off , perfect weather , everything is walking distance and a very cool pet store whose owner used to bill poster for G--h-r in the 1970's . Wowza

Reptile handling

Shelby knows the facts on these chameleons . They need humidity and will only drink water as it drops off leaves . Cool or what ?

Scorpion in black light

Small towns are sweet , when everything is close by you can't help but go exploring .

world circus day @ Kelly Miller Circus

We were very circusy all day..we awoke and we had electricity! All night power  !! it was freezing last night , however it warmed up during the day and was very nice !! I made some lattes and we turned on the TV , how bourgeois..and a movie called " Circus Boy " was on ..
Marshall and I drove like speed demons to the post office and then we did 3 shows . Fresia is doing web and I am doing fabric  in addition to trapeze  ( just for a few days ).. feels pretty good to do fabric and I love the music ! My music is an  "old friend " arranged or whatever it is called by Clark Weigle former Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers AND Kelly Miller Circus band leader and currently a Shakespeare actor and IT geek .. I played FLASH (photog) and got some cute snaps of the mixed animals and Fresia and Carolyn and Lamont and Carolyn's niece or something like that  . I was wondering how many times I can say  "and " in 1 run on sentence ..A great day was had , full of challenges and I was wondering how the heck I was going to get to the tippity top of my rigging.. but I did ..I think this is a poor excuse for writing but write I must bad or worse

sticks and stones may break my bones , but words will never hurt me

Today we are on a beautiful grass lot . The air is humid and we could get some weather .
On with the show ! In the production I am carried in a chair , the chair has round 1.5 " diameter dowels that go through the chair .That is how I make my big entrance .The warriors in pith helmets carry me in , the woman and girls are dancing , Lamont has just finished this great fire dance ..It is beautiful. Today a stick broke and I tumbled out of the chair onto my ? Who the f---  knows what I tumbled onto., my face or my side. I felt like ...extremely embarrassed..Julio and Raul said ,  "come on , get up , are you ok ? "..I got up and strutted to my web..full of adrenalin I piked up ..did my bit ..I kicked the tent twice for good measure..Of course , many people are having a good laugh at my exceptional bit of comedy..Ryan C yelled at his brother for not giving me a sound effect and Raul came by with a dolly for me to ride next show.. I told clown Alley that JRN2 said , 'keep it in ! put on a clown nose and you get coloring books..". I am really funny and totally missed my calling..
On the other hand Fresia and I have had a couple of successful days of shoe shopping

high grass circus

You can see anything spectacular and beautiful if you look . One just has to change their perspective and stubborn ways to enjoy it .

dinner at the circus

You have to eat .You don't eat , you get sick .Yesterday was a hay day . Hay comes in different flavors .

Fridman stalking Steve's dinner . I don't think Steve knew..
Yesterday was a little muddy. We had to move off the soft circus grounds to an asphalt parking lot and there was some tractor towing action .I took this photograph while the tent crew was waiting for the tent trailer to get unstuck .Every guy is holding a 4 foot long 20 lb stake , waiting.. I am waiting too , because the band wagon is parked in the mud and I need the tractor to give me a pull . You always find something to take a photo of when there is mud and a tear down .Glamor plus mud equals circus .

my birthday was an exercise in documenting fun in the mud

yesterday a few vehicles got bogged down when we arrived on the lot..
 cookhouse tractor has a winch , it was winching out the kitty cat rig , but it got stuck so the tractor had to help it and then the tent truck got it was " all hands on deck "..
 Radar had to whip Christian because he wasn't pulling hard enough . Danny and Fridman cheer him on .

 something about watching trucks get pulled out of the mud..

at ground level..

grammar takes a holiday

so much happens every single day on the largest traditional tented American circus with wild animals that I am so enchantingly a part of . for example last week John Moss mounted a basketball hoop on the back of the Raptor !!!Happy basketball times abound !
My sweet friend April D. got me a pair of " Kino made in Florida flip flops " while she was trooping with the mighty WBC in the Keys this winter..I received them in Hugo ,OK
In Hugo we saw friends from back in the day ..I will not name names but it is always so nice to see friends you care about and have not seen in many moons that are part of your fabric..
In Hugo a huge mass of us took over a room at this restaurant called Roma's and had lovely fellowship