Some times it only takes a wonderful pie book or a new tent to inspire you to bake a pie .
I think pies , pie eating and pie baking are a great way to pass the time and improve the quality of life .
Today Tavana baked an apple pie because she was inspired . In conclusion let us all find some inspiration and bake more pies . 

marquee is adorable and professional

big , blue and beautiful

A lot of enthusiasm on the lot today as the new tent got raised . The cupola will get raised 2 feet higher in the next town . The weight of the tent is 12,000 lbs .
Tomorrow the tent crew will play with some cables and whatnot .
Some of us were more interested in the tent then others . I can't believe everyone wasn't out there cheering on the tent crew . It rained a little during the long set up but nothing could dampen everyone's happy mood .

new tent and marquee

so exciting ! The new tent is getting set up for the first time in Grantsville , Maryland on this day May 29 , 2014
The new big top made by Mendoza of Mexico City

                                         Tavo driving the tractor

beautiful blue ratchet straps

pretty lace line

lacing up the tent for the first time

 new Marquee

old tent

hopefully May 28 , 2014 was the last day for this tent

day 102 , shows 211 , 212

Marshall 's battle station

                                          Lee Cavin ,circus fan , veteran , writer and friend  (92 years )

Ohio , May 22 , 2013

                                          Bismarcks from  Chillicothe are legendary !

                                          Sharing Bismarcks

                                         Legs out of repose

work -today May 21 and every day

Tent repair

                                                                   Legs in repose

Not a day goes by without sewing , welding , painting , building , repairing and maintaining  .

mulch lot ,near Indy May 8 ,2014

Mulch holds in moisture . The other day we pulled on to the lot and it was like quick sand or mulch sand.. We moved everything to a different part of the grounds..except the house trailers and the large animal semis . It was a crazy long frustrating set up.
The tent crew started setting up in the mulch , got dragged off and finished set up by 12.30 ( on a suitable lot ) ..which is actually very impressive  My little tent raising chit chat tour deal was a few hours. .
The lot we showed on .
                                                           The mulch lot

                                              A few of the patrons who came for tent raising

8 days in Indiana

May 9 ,2014.There have been some some extremes in the weather department . Hail the size of marbles during the shown was pretty crazy .

Today is May 10 and we had some fun celebrating of Fresia's birthday !The weather was perfect !! Blue sunny skies , a grassy lot and early shows .. Fresia decided she wanted the whole show to come !! 6 12 packs of soda , 1.5 case of beer, 2 large watermelons , 4 lbs of strawberries ,25 pizzas ( pineapple was very popular ) a case of water , 20 lbs of ice , a 1/2 sheet of cake ( that a lovely baker lady made fresh that day at a very nice market !
  thank you friends !

I guess we love pizza because last Saturday ( May 3 , 2014 ) we were treated to pizza at the wonderful Charlestown Pizza Company in Charlestown , Indiana . Mashed potato pizza ,bacon brownies ,crazy great wine and beer and ciders ! AMAZING ! thank you JRN2 and Tajana and Sean !!

On the very day of the pizza party Nic S ran a mini marathon and came in 990 in a field of 29 ,000 !!! and did 2 shows !

I bought some new pretty things while we were close to Indy .. I like pretty things

350 tires

When there are 350 tires rolling down the highway everyday sometimes things break . We try to fix the broken things right away .