later, my muddy mud show

Sunday February 21, 2010

waiting for my plane in Harligen TX.
It is going to be a long painful muddy teardown and getting off that lot.....

quick change

"We" have a tiny changing room! it is in the back door, it is dry, there is a door, it is private...

my last show day

there is nothing to be sad about, I came here to fill in for the Aussies. I am lucky I am able bodied..

getting ready for finale


Thursday February 18, 2010

so there is mulch and sawdust and there are ramps but we have been here for 9 days...
the elephants make almost foot deep footprints..maybe I exaggerate

set up

In the harrowing heights of the Big Top, experience the epitome of aerial artistry, presented by our lovely Enchantress of the Air, Miss Rebecca!

thank you Jack Ryan

John Moss does good with the timing of your words!!

I hang 18" from the top otherwise I would have no swing at all!!

3 more days of Kelly Miller for me.

There are so many great people here.
We are doing this 1950's production. It is great great great..everything flows from one act to the next..we dance..we are funny..we do acts
It is the most collaborated circus thing I have ever been a part of. I hope I get to work with these people again.

I think this is good for me so I will drink it

six pack

Sunday February 14, 2010

Six packs are something I usually enjoy.the challenge..the great satisfaction of performing difficult things 3 times in one day.

This weekend was tough for me, my trapeze is a big climb and we do this high energy 50's dance before web so I get to climb out of breath!!

However I realized that I overwhelmed myself mentally because when it got to the last act I flew light as a feather up that slippery unforgiving web with the mean hurtful foot loop and nothing hurt and it was a blast! Fridman spun me so fast my feet went numb .yup that's what I am talking about.

On another happy note Natalie C found a good trick for her spaz dog Pete !!

so we celebrated in my suite with "coffee"..

it's a mud show ! what did you expect ??

I will not talk about the mud on a mud by mud incident..that is just a part of it

case closed

happy tuna


day 2 Feb 12, 2010

trapeze felt gggreat !!both shows..
Brian LaPalme fire eater human volcano and chef made roast pork with apple gravy, a salad with love and masher potaoes with sour cream and garlic...

he wiped out in the mud before his act..

ever pair of footwear is totally encased in mud..snore

did I mention the back door turns into a mudhole ? Danny Brown is designing some kind of ramp for the humans..


Thursday February 11, 2010

the first show for me on the trapeze was trapeze is so high maybe 20 pikes. I did 15 pikes the first show and then used my legs and climbed like a girl ..sheesh..second show was intense..I think I hated my self after trapeze.I stepped in a big mud hole and began my act with very muddy piggies.there was a lull in fault.if I am not perfect tomorrow I am in big trouble..I know tomorrow will be rehearsal and then 2 shows..the sun will be out .I will weigh 2 lbs less. etc., etc.
I need my guns massaged (that is arms)

However on the bright side I can kick the tent super easy..I kinda wish I was 4 feet lower because than I swing horizontal..and float

food with love

Brian LaPalme

the ultimate rennaisance man..he is the show chef and fire eater

his food has love in it

Marie Carmen keeps the kitchen loverly

stress of rehearsal

rigging can be stressful and irritating ...

Have coffee will travel

I have learned in my travels you must have "your coffee" wherever you are.

My darling brother not only roasts exotic beans BUT he kindly shipped some to me so I could continue living in the manner to which I am accustomed.


this mighty lot is in a wonderful location!! walking distance to the HEB and Starbucks.Tavana, Arwen and I brave the elements foraging for lattes and HEB food

flatbed in mud

on Tuesday the 9th of February we pulled on the was soft due to the copious amounts of rain.
A tractor was brought in so we could be pulled to our locations without totally rutting up the ground.

The first thing the driver of the flatbed hauling said tractor did was get stuck !!!

just got you have a tractor doesn't give you super powers ..

action packed day

nothing like a little treadmill,some yoga,practice on the trapeze and pike up and down a web to make one feel fit

today was cool and sunny !

Casey added a baby boy to his pride.I am not sure of the correct adjective for a baby tiger. Ferocious? and cute at the same time..

lots of comings and goings at the Kelly Miller WQ.

we talked about elephants, my girls that I have known for only 20 years.

actually 20 years ago I first worked on this show..hmmm

just a guest visiting artist for a little while

sometimes it is ok to go down memory lane and live there for a little while.
It helps you remember the person you used to be or the person you are but have not seen for a while. I am not being drastic here ,I just think that when some of us get older or so consumed with life that we might forget our dreams..soo if we go down memory lane we might remember why we do what we do.I mean if we don't go after our dreams or parts of our dreams what is the point ?? it is very nice when your dreams become real..

It is all about the package

February 3, 2010 by the way...

Hugo or bust..

we are traveling at 400 civilized

by we I am referring to the others, whom I do not know..I do know a few things about these people..just superficial details besides the obvious..
the woman in my row missed her first flight..she is wearing gray glen plaid slacks..
wow stellar observations on the fashion front glen plaid and hounds tooth prints are making a comeback !!the prints or patterns of my childhood.

Most of the males, the professional males are sporting slip on ,high line, walking shoes.What with all the disrobing one most do to travel these days, it makes sense to wear your bedroom slippers !!

The man in the row behind talks on his phone in the terminal and on the plane very loud..he is a scout, college or high school for some kind of sport..that is his gig.Like that is important in the big scheme of the world! I could barely eavesdrop because it seems so unimportant to me.I should think, "wow..this guy could be finding the next Bart Starr!!!" or something like that. I suppose if people are handled correctly they can go to great places and do all kinds of great things.

Funny to me, the last two flights I was on "they" profiled and searched senior odd to me.. I guess if you look "terroristy " (that is stereotyping and that is bad ?) so they grab Bubbi and Zayda hmmm, when has a Bubbi done anything 9/11 ish.. I will admit every time I fly I wonder..should I have drove..

This airline has the cutest snacks ! I bought the healthy one , I am not even hungry but it is just so darn cute.

This past month has been a plethora of practice ...