tweens talk

getting ready to jump to the world's end state park! cool or what ?

light up furniture

we bought a tv..Fresia got an itouch..

acupuncture is good

I believe in acupuncture. Whenever I can I find an acupuncture person to improve the quality of my physical being.In a very small town in PA I found this acupuncture guy named Trey C, he is amazing! as we were talking it turns out we knew each other from nyc! he danced with my dance mentor Elisa K !
life is a bunch of circles, it never ceases to amaze me how we loop around our existence and the different context we have with people

Marshall Eckelman

I figured going up and down that hill was a bonus day of squats !

Brandon takes a snooze by the toy stand

all that swimming and some late night soccer tuckered this dude out .

a pool and a hill

FREE POOL , swimming was walking distance from the lot..

90 degrees!

we had to drag everything up and down these hills!!

EVERYTHING ! even the tent and the seats and the rides

dripping with sweat

we parked on the street

no vehicles on the grass

there was love for the swimming pool

words with sharpies


in Hollywood people LOVE things, " I just saw your video and I LOVE your act ",
"He LOVES your costume, it is his favorite costume in the movie" I LOVE the LOVE!! it is very wonderful.. I loved my costume too

I loved my dressing room

I loved craft food services and the chef who made me something special and the fresh amazing juice bar

I loved all the director people

I loved all the production people

I loved that when I came down to the ground , the man ,KH, came up to me and said ," HI! I am the one who called you " and the most important people in the world told me they loved my work...

I loved hearing action, rolling, the amazing total stillness and intenseness and quiet , the directions,thank you and checking the gate..and all the movie words

I loved watching the reels

I loved my hair person and the way they would just come up to me and fix a curl

I loved my makeup persons and that my lips were always perfect

I loved all the wardrobe/costumers and the amazing attention to detail
and that Gail made me wings because she knew they were something I loved

I loved the people who drove me around

I loved watching the sun rise

I loved being myself in a different time

I loved the tent, the beautiful white canvas tent, the wooden poles

hair,makeup, flip flops.. check

using my airport time wisely, shopping at automated kiosks

Hollywood gets me

but the circus understands me...
hot steamy towels, food on china plates, a sincere greeting from the wonderful airport personal..

13 year old juggling sensation

Elizabeth hurt her little piggy,Andy has been juggling in her place !! he is digging performing his juggling act ! the whole show is enjoying watching him juggle..everything happens for a reason

rigging in spansets

I got pullied up to the top to untangle a block, I wore a purple and a black span set because I am stylish like that

friends are treasures

the other day friends came to check out our show and I got a visit..hopefully I will make it to their show, can't get enough.. we are only on earth for a limited engagement

circus news from Eggroll !!

it is always a good time when the phone rings and John Kennedy Kane aka Eggroll shares his adventures !! Dick K is now his driver! the Adventures of Eggy and Dick, could be a best seller!!

whenever we have the privilege of crossing paths it is always educational and fun !!!

circus fact !! in the 1930's contortion was not a revered act ,it was a side show attraction..well times have changed

the weather is acting all fall like and I slept till 9.45 today.. amazing

a calvalcade of mishaps

I don't know where to all begin this hot PA day on the midway.I have been attempting to face I was waiting for the masses to flock to my state of the art face painting and tattoo facility and decided to paint a happy face on my arm.

I was a hit, the kiddies couldn't get enough! I barely made it back to my trailer to costume , eyelash up , do some preshow pitches , warm up and start the show...
but the big show generator got wonky so sound guy Andy turned off the breakers and we didn't know the generator got fixed so I am traipsing around the midway in wardrobe saying..what is going on..nothing why was the response..well I say, we have no show lights and it is black in the tent and I would like to start the show...oi

big oops

after trapeze ,normally, my trapeze gets wrapped and flown out of the way..
it didn't get wrapped BUT the web got flown out of the way ..
there sits my trapeze invading the ring!! I am aghast..I say to the prop guys "hey we gotta fly this thing"..well it turned into a 4 man production of insanity, with someone almost stomping into the ring at the beginning of the coloring book pitch.
I had to say whoa, during the pitch, this totally put me in the unknown zone..trying to rectify this little snafu made me late to announce an act..
we were in a park with out water so I am trying to jug wash in between everything..sweating like insane...dripping like a soggy sponge ..and then I couldn't find my freaking pants for second half announcing so I had to put on my super skin tight, heavy,very narrow so I walk like Morticia red dress in the blistering heat..

for the second show..friends from Kelly Miller Circus came!! they had early shows ! it was so cool.I am not ashamed to say they gave me a great burst of energy!
also I made very few "fis" *..* the term fi (fee) is a term used from musicians on Clyde Beatty cole Brothers Circus Band when after many hours of horn blowing you put your lips on the trumpet and out comes an unmusical sound. A fi for me is when I am announcing and out of my mouth come very bizzare words or sounds!!