Dogs on the run

Last night the wind slammed the door open ... I am not naming names .. The dogs had a time . I was rosined up and ready to go on and Cody came and informed me . I ran fast , the trailer door was wide open . Electra was running home and the 2 pups were inside all excited . Carolyn rounded up Spartacus with help from Lamont and Cody . I shut the door and made it back to the tent for the overture ! What amazing people I work with . Last weekend we got a new water heater , the old one (23 years) cracked . Water was water falling out of the back of the trailer . The floor under the tank was gross me out rotted and Fridman replaced it . Also last weekend Sara organized an epic dance party, mirror ball and a dj and drinks and snacks ! We had a blast !! We were all sore from doing some crazy dancing . Lately I have been feeling like a sloth . I miss doing my fabric act , nothing tones your abs like straddle climbs and those brutal drops. I feel like all I do is eat Bon bons all day and then in a sloth like jabba the hut fashion somehow drag myself into the tent . How I pike 16-17 pikes to my trapeze is a mystery.. 71 shows left but whose counting ....

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Or diamond plate is a girls best friend

Tasty bites

One of the foods with dinner yesterday was peppers stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon . We went back for seconds .

Loving Frank

Arthur B Heurtly House built in 1902 , Frank Lloyd Wright , architect . If you are in Oak Park, IL you should walk or roll around this neighborhood ! I can't wait to go back .


The Kelly Miller Circus has a library and a librarian . We are a big group of readers . The librarian is Sue H. I was looking for something good to read and Tavana said I must read " Loving Frank ". WOW !, what an amazing book . A big favorite of the kmc readers club . A must read ! I studied architecture once upon a time..sigh. Seeing as how we were in the neighborhood we had to, had to go to Oak Park and see architecture , the Frank Lloyd Wright kind . What a great field trip !! wonderful for the grown ups and such a treat for the youth .I am so inspired ! I can't wait to get home and take out all my architecture books and read them again. I can't wait to get home and work on the planters that are part of the structure of our home . I can't wait to get home and mosiac the exterior of our little stucco house with all the broken china I have been saving all these years ...what a day..what a day and we even get to do two shows

What does this mean ?

I wonder if Stephanie and Keith know about this ?