I painted my room black when I was 14

I grew up in a family where one could paint their room ANY COLOR !! I had pink rooms and gold ceilings and grey floors and grey enamel walls and turquoise and red..I painted my room black once.. I thought it was so neat... They still tell that story, more like the story of painting over it.Dark colors are tough to cover up..Fresia room was so lovingly painted pink when she was a little baby girl. Pink with cherry trim. She is now a teen and decided to paint it . I think she even suggested black.. HA !!I think I said , " no". She went with a gray , "seal gray". I made her cool black and white paisely curtains. She wants to decorate the walls with record albums..I love this kid ! what a keeper ! I love the way she has her dreams and goes after them in her sweet organized youthful way..

I love rit.com ! It is very satisfying to go to their website, study their formulas, mix, weigh, measure and tada !!


We have a pretty nice lot. When we first got the place we got a great deal on Hibiscus . We planted 28 along the fence line. The years went by and the Morning Glories, Brazilian Peppers and other murderous plants strangled our Hibiscus.. Marshall began his fence maybe 5 years ago..This winter he has tasted victory ! The fence , all 25 sections, is done !!It is so nice to have a little bit of heaven all to ourselves !

The water..I found this little story ,which is true, in my " folder "

We had a little weather . Some warnings , a watch . The frenzy grew amongst the circus . Must get to a shelter . I don't know whose idea it was , but by the time people starting actually going to " the shelter "the worst was over . Marshall secured the music computer and decided to stay on the bandstand . Tavana, Fresia, Arwen ,Carmen and I ended up going into a small building. We told tales of other bits of weather , being on a circus and having weather adventures, and watched the building shake listening to the wind . We found a safe spot and soon the rain and wind eased up . The police kept everyone at the shelter for a while , I am glad we stayed on the lot.


Rigging is up

Always a good time putting up the uprights . I need a little barn for my rigging toys .

Party underground

Nature attacks drain .. We tried our best to fix the wretched thnig . We had to hire our favorite plumbers to grind out the growth . We are putting something like copper phosphate down the hole ..

A story about ten dogs

This is a sweet children's book about ten dogs and a guy named Luciano Anastasini . They all got a second chance . It is a lovely read . It's for anyone who has ever had a dog a or child or have been one !!