50 shows left

Lifeguard and me being glam at intermission

Monday September 28 , 2015
5:30 call , the jump was 79 miles . The main road was 47 southbound , west of Chicago . The traffic was heavy northbound but we were traveling southbound .
I had a good group of children for the tent raising tour . My latest craze in the tour is telling people , how we ( the human race) are explorers and adventure seekers and if we aren't trekking around the globe , flying into space , digging tunnels , surfing the web or looking through closets , we are looking into the great beyond . I tell them  about the adventure of circus when it was the wild west , those were some exciting times , you never knew who or what was going to happen on your journey/adventure to the next town .
It makes me remember when anyone could own any kind of animal , we didn't wear seat belts , smoked in the doctors office and teachers could whack us .
We are at the other extreme we are regulated to the brink of exhaustion .
My guest ringmaster's name was Madonna !! I had so much fun introducing her .

Wire practice

Wire walker . Are we always on edge ?

Old & tired fridge

RV life is no picnic . RV life is not for wimps . Another day , another catastrophe averted .There is nothing like a refrigerator that keeps your vittles cold .

Officer Sammy

Officer Sammy and prop guy Chango having back stage fellowship .


Takis are the most wonderful spicy corn rolled up with chile crunchy snacks and they are addictive .Takis are always a hit at the cookhouse .


One day the forklift started smoking and the smoke burned our eyes . The diagnostics began , new injectors , turbo problems , whatever it is I, it is a lot of work . There is nothing like taking something apart and putting it back together and then taking it apart again .I guess it is kind of like how I sew , but messier and more dangerous .